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  1. hay what's crackin, i was just wondering if you guys know of any good music to listen to wjhen your stoned, any type of music.
  2. Recently I've been listening to the Zephyr song by the chili peppers.
  3. listen to pink floyd man, smoking a bowl, listening to there songs it dont get any better. peace.
  4. I love pink floyd and the chili peppers.

    Have u ever heard any of John Frusciante's solo albums, i enjoyed all 3. great for chief'in down too.
  5. Ive been listening to Kottonmouth Kings when im stoned and when im not its a good band all the way around..if youve never heard of them go to
    thats the bands web page check them out
  6. Recently I've been fixed on Tupac - Smoke Weed All Day. You can't get mroe chillen than this song.
  7. Metallica (The Unforgiven, Wherever I May Roam, Fixxxer, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Sad But True, etc... the more mellow songs).

    Bjork (if you're into weird music)

    DJ Special K "Hell Dance" is great. ( has stuff there).

    Pink Floyd

    Bob Marley




    The Doobie Brothers

    Jimi Hendrix

    there's a lot more, but this should be enough to hold you over for a while :)
  8. any thing buy radiohead
  9. tool, soad, marley, paul van dyk, nin, nirvana, and sometimes gorillaz :D

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