Music That Provokes You To Get High.

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Zimed, May 11, 2006.

  1. I'm just curious for people here, what music makes them want to achieve a stoned stupor...I mean, what? I think it's the band Frou Frou, for me, every time I play there songs, which is all the time, I just want to get as high as a fucking kite, and then listen to there music while high. Has anyone ever heard of frou frou -- from the movie garden state, one of there songs was on, called let go.
  2. No offence, sound kinda crappy.
  3. i loved that song on garden state, ive never heard any of their other music though. i should check them out, thanks!
  4. Its not even frou-frou anymore, its now Imogen Heap. But the only song that ever makes me want to get high is Run Through The Jungle by CCR.
  5. floyd makes me want to achieve a state of higher being especially comfortably numb, shine on you crazy diamond, most of their music you can't really begin to comprehend without the use of ganja imo...also the song lucy in the sky with diamonds by the beatles...lots of other songs make me wanna get high too but i guess classic rock does it for me the most. Zeppelin's dazed and confused is another song that I really only appreciate high lol.
  6. as cliche as it sounds, probably any reggae, especially Marley or Sizzla.
  7. I've gotten high to Pawn Shop by Sublime so many times that it seems like I am high every time I listen to it sober. I think it's that hazy guitar riff in the beginning echoed by the really deep bass that pushes the trigger lol
  8. marijuana leaves rustling in the wind usually provokes me to get high. then again, so does waking up.

  9. Hell yeah the guitar in pawn shop is sick. I love that song:hello:
  10. Most of the older (pre Soundtrack) In Flames is always great. The guitar harmonies are blaze-inspiring, and the pounding drums are like rhythmic machinery. Amazingly catchy, ranging from chill to destructive. Nice.
  11. Lil Wyte - My Drinkin Song.

    SPM - Mary Go Round, Smoke 2 Joints, Mexican Radio, O.G., Riddla On The Roof, ect.
  12. Cypress Hill always results in me getting stoned.

    The way they describe that sticky green bud and i can't help myself.
  13. ^^^^^^^^ second cypress hill
    oh also bob marley
  14. mostly anything made by Thievery Corporation usually gives me the urge to smoke.

    This Joint by Slightly Stoopid is another

    I'm a big fan of all acoustic no lyric type of music as well, and one of my favorite groups Acoustic Alchemy will also give me the urge to smoke, especially the song Mr. Chow.
  15. three 6 mafia, violent femmes, afroman (cause i got high=story of my fucking life)

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