Music That Makes You Embarrassingly Emotional

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  1. I don't know why but this track stirs up some emotions in me, I guess it's one of the only songs that makes me feel how bad war really is plus it's just a phenomenal song that makes me emotional just because of how good it is.
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    Hahahaha that first video in OP is hilarious. 
    "I bet they drink Sunny D"
    This song gets me pretty emotional:
    oh yeah and lololol:
  3. Probably hurt by Johnny cash. You can just hear the emotion in his voice looking back on his life. I wake up to that song for some reason lol. Also some of the beatles songs even though that was during my parents early years I wish I could have been alive during that time. The songs make me depressed because its in this past. I have an obsession with being in the moment and being relevant I guess. Watching movies and listening to music from just a few years ago makes me sad of the time that has passed. I should try being positive but im a sensitive person to the arts.
  4. Bob Marley "Three little birds". 
    pretty hard for me to get through without crying.  Couple others on that album are tough too.  Listened to it for a few days straight after my papa passed away
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    So far this thread is successful, responses are fucking great.
    Heres another song that gives me dem feels

    I don't know why Biggie's words hit so much harder over Kanye's beat its just much more effective in my opinion
    EDIT: Mixing is also done fantastically, White Lotus is impressive
    I may or may not have been the one who put that there. 
  7. First time I ever heard Johnny and June I was just a little kiddo, being babysat by my great-grandparents. They were always putting on records rather than turning on the television. They inspired my love of vinyl and my love of Johnny Cash. If I were to post all the songs that made me think of them I would flood this thread so I'll leave it at this one. If I've had enough to drink, or if I just happen to hear this at the right moment it is strong enough to make me shed some tears, for damn sure. 

    speaking of songs I try to avoid if I've had a few drinks...

  8. Music that really touches you but you wouldn't admit that shit to your friends.

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