Music tastes linked to mood?

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  1. SO.
    I'm pretty drunk right now and this post took me like 40 mins to put together to make it look not so retarded.
    And I realized that sometimes I like different music depending on my mood which changes with what I take.
    I smoke weed I listen to reggae and some slow rap even jazz.
    I get drunk im listening to freestyle and metal/rock.
    I trip I listen to progressive trance or techno.
    Or if im sober it all depends on what im doing like reggae sometimes seems to make a toke smoother :hello:

    Anyone else like this?
  2. Nobody likes the rum shot falcon :(
  3. sorry man all I can say is no shit. Numerous things depend on your emotions. These include who you choose to hang out with, choosing a video game to play, and of course your discovery of music tonight. :wave:
  4. oh yea man thanks, im not sure if im just stating the obvious :smoke: but i found it weird I could go from Slayer to bob marley in 30 minutes.
  5. I read that as 30 seconds at first and I was going to call you a fuckin trooper...slayer to marley would kill me. the opposite-genres-switching only work well while on speed or yayo. :)
  6. no shit. except I listen to a very wide range of music when I drink.

    no matter my mood I can't listen to one genre of music for days. If I listen to overly soft/happy music for too long I'll eventually want to beat the crap out of the lead singer(like string cheese incident) although, I have a high tolerance to matt costa.

    but I totally will start feeling too dark, bitter and depressed if I listen to some darker music like the violent femmes, nirvana, smashing pumpkins, or bush for too long. ya, those really aren't that "dark" to alot of people's standards. but those bands are AWESOME!

    I honestly can't stand heavy metal or intense punk or rap when I'm stoned.

    I remember I was watching the sex pistols on this dvd. I smoked a joint after not smoking for 9 days, and was like "oohh scary! why are you all so mad?!!" waaaayyy too intense. just turned on the byrds, went into my room and tripped out with closed eye visuals.:smoke:....I was also a little paranoid about my mom, so that could have been part of it.
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    thank you sir, here's your check.

  8. Hahaha too true.
    And when im high I can only listen to reggae. Seriously most rap is a buzzkill and metal and rock is just straight up akward.
    when you're with friends.
  9. I find that alot of rap and heavy metal is too heavy for me actually take seriously...when sober or whatev.

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