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    Hi Blades. I've been looking to expand my music library and have no real understanding or exposure to 'electronic music' outside of what is played on commercials and in movies. I've heard some recently that I really enjoy and would like to find some artists that produce similar music. I find this music to be especially good for long reading sessions, or playing Borderlands 2 or STALKER for extended periods. I am most attracted to music that isn't too busy, usually has a mellow vibe (moderate tempo), Isn't constantly 'dropping' or pausing for effect, and isn't heavily 'four on the floor' or triplet biased. Would trance music fall into this category? Oh well, shows how much I know about electronic music. Here are some examples I've stumbled across online:

    (first track)

    (reminds me of Amon Tobin)

    They are really good, but not relevant at all......
    Seems like some promotion regardless of thread topic, which is to be frowned upon even though I appreciate the music.
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