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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by ganjaphish, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. i don't know, maybe i'm the only one who loves music, but i always want to find people who are in the marijuana culture to talk to about music. does anyone else out there think a music section or music board would be a good idea?
    just curious~~
  2. [​IMG] · My vote: Yes.

    I love music... and play music... so I am all for a section based on music... It would definitely be a section I would have no problem finding things to talk about in... I think it's a great idea...

    Rock on ganjaphish. [​IMG]
  3. Been a sax player most of my life, and love ALL kinds of music.I know it would be a favorite topic of mine.I know on other boards I visit the music topics get LOTS of posts! ROCK ON!!!
  4. you should have added a "yes" or "no" poll to the listing... [​IMG] ...that way maybe the admins/moderators would consider it more... if the majority was yes... <font size="5">...I vote "yes"!</font> [​IMG]
  5. and gues who is the moderator of this forum????


  6. RIGHT ON SUPERJOINT!!! It's good to be king!!.......and it's also good to be a "subject" of a King that cares about your wishes!!!!!!
  7. Cool! New forum.

    Good idea folks!
  8. woohoo!!! :D superjoint you're the coolest! don't let anyone tell you otherwise, or send them to me :D :D

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