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Music Recommendations

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pale goat, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to share a short list of songs I've enjoyed listening to while blazing over the years:

    The Clash- Straight To Hell

    Bob Marley- Natural Mystic

    Porcupine Tree- Trains (download PT's entire discography for free at.. ..fantastic band)

    Elliott Smith- Angeles

    Gorillaz- Feel Good Inc

    Mastodon- Sleeping Giant

    Pink Floyd- Time

    Opeth- To Rid The Disease (<-- greatest band I've ever heard)
  2. I would plus rep for the great taste but it wouldnt mean anything, I no joke have everyone of those artists in my smoke playlist just different songs, except Time, hopefully everyone has that ...I hope you like my screen name :smoke:
  3. I'm a huge rap guy, but when I blaze I tend to listen to:

    Slightly Stoopid- collie man, closer to the sun, wise man, office, WORLD GOES ROUND.

    STS9- aimlessly, somsing

    I suggest you at least listen to sts9 and world goes round, fucking amazing songs.
  4. I actually saw Dream Theatre with Opeth in Atlanta a few months ago :O
  5. Opeth is the mutha fuckin' SHIT!
  6. the whole Lydia - Illuminate CD or any CD made by The Sound of Animals Fighting but anything by them is more like an acid trip.
  7. the rza the gza odb and the wutang =]
  8. Dre - The Chronic (CD)

    Scientist - Rids The World Of The Curse Of The Evil Vampires (CD)

    BTNH - EST 1999 (cd)

    Black sabbath is cool too,

    i likes all sorts of shit,
  9. Outkast - The whole world

    Bob Dylan - With god on our side

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - hard to concentrate

    Grateful dead - cosmic charlie, jack straw, ripple
  10. green to black by rebelution

    good song, good message.
  11. if yo like trippy music go with air, La femme d`argent or quantic, absence heard presesnce felt and if you like pink floyd or reggea easy star all-stars, especially speak to me/breath(in the air)
  12. Great choices. Straight to Hell is one of my favorite songs by the clash.
  13. Pixies - Hey
    Tim Armstrong - Among the Dead
    White Stripes - Martyr for My Love For You
  14. The day the concert came to my area was the day I got arrested. That shit sucked, I've already seen DT twice but I was exicited fot Opeth and Three, ohh well.
  15. You need to check out the three following bands. If you're real high, it's quite trippy. :]

    Infected Mushroom

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