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  1. Well I live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by hypocritical dumb ass country music listening rednecks and I have been wanting to take a little vacation for the past few months. I only get paid est. 150.00 a month and a majority of that goes to smoke, cigs and gas, but I assume if I save up I could do something memorable. I live in Mississippi and was wondering if anyone knew any good music shows or concerts coming this way or close surrounding states. I enjoy Kuddi, Kanye, Why?, Animal Collective, you get the drift. Kanye is coming to New Orleans on the 3rd of December, which I would have loved to go to but did not begin preparing in time. Any help, please? All suggestions welcome.
  2. go to metal shows, they are way cheaper and a better time!
  3. Kanye west?

    Ugh garbage. I'll suggest more garbage: lil Wayne.
  4. [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']Kanye west?

    Ugh garbage. I'll suggest more garbage: lil Wayne.[/quote]

    you sir get a +rep when i get home hahaha
  5. I would Highly recommend Outkast or Big K.R.I.T., he's a rapper/producer from mississippi :cool: this guy might make you stop listenin to kanye :rolleyes:
    [ame=""]Big K.R.I.T - "Somedayz" (Dir. John Colombo) - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]i aint shit BIG KRIT - YouTube[/ame]

    But if you like East Coast then i recomend Gangstarr and Max B

    [ame=""]Max B - Tell Me Freestyle - YouTube[/ame]
  6. outkast! ATLiens is one of my favorite hip hop cds...

    but gangstarr tops them with hard to earn!

  7. I do not like or listen to "Lil Wayne." Lil Wayne doesn't have anything on Kanye, how could you even compare the two?
  8. I completely forgot about Outkast. Thanks.
  9. You're very welcome:D
    But don't forget about big K.R.I.T. also!
  10. Check out Curren$y and his crew the Jets. They are from New Orleans and make some good smokin' music...
  11. Like Stonefry said man look Currency up. Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, French Montana, that's just a few good southern hip hop artist. I suggest you look up a song called moon and stars remix by Big KRIT on youtube. Makes Kanye seem weak as hell IMO

  12. o_O

    Kanye West is so talented. However I'll give everyone the right to discredit the embarrassment to hip hop music that Lil Wayne is.

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