Music promotion, cloudkillers, and new age "club" style mastering jobs.

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    First of all id like to say im going to school to get the official title of a mastering/audio engineer. Ive wasted years of youth studying this field and im 100% confident in my mastering jobs.

    With that being said if you are just looking for music promotion and lots of feedback check this site really will bring a shit ton of traffic to your SC.
    If you do end up signing up please use that link as its my affiliation code:smoke:^^^(no, i dont make money just get points witch helps my mastering page get more exposed)

    If your stoked on one of you productions and you really want to push it out to the public i suggest getting the track mastered properly and professionally, I offer 30$ flat rate mastering and i promise if your track was mixed even half-decent il will make it it "bump" like any other professional sounding track you've heard:D. If interested shoot me a pm on my soundcloud: also have extremely hi quality Capella's of poppy tunes i update every week if anyone is looking to chop some pop tunes and do your thing with them.)<--- those are all free downloads.

    Thanks for looking blades and i hope we can mutually benefit from this.

  2. id also like to add i love to cut up and be funny on the forums but i take my mastering extremely serious as anyone would with there job. thx again blades
  3. ok so it seems 10 blades started following me from this post yesterday.... why not make a simple comment? Anyways if no one is interested in this thread at all il delete tommorow....just trying to help out some people though

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