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  1. A quick question for the DJs and producers out there.

    Is there any program that would have a type of 'beat pad mode' so that you could use your keyboard as a beat pad? Thanks!
  2. depends on how experienced you are. and what type of computer you have.
    Mac: Logic Studio has midi support
    also if you have a mac i started a thread on this a ways back:
    Windows: Fruity Loops also has midi support as well.

    Majority of music composition software that uses a midi keyboard will have the drum pads built in. but if you want a good device that you can mess with the lay out with, try the M-Audio's Trigger Finger
  3. That trigger finger looks sick, but I've gotten good at just programming the drums and/or playing them on the keyboard...if it wasn't $250 I would probably grab it. What do you know about the Kaos pad?
  4. i've played with my friends Kaoss Pad a few times but he has one of the mini ones, i wish i could get my hands on the real one... Why does everything good cost money?!?!?!

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