music or pot?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by theDoObSTeR, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. simple question, music or pot? for me its music by far, but thats just me. i was born and raised on music. what about you guys?
  2. hmm music probably but that's a damn hard question
  3. gosh i dunnoo.... i love both oh so much... i would say pot... but my favorite thing about pot is probably music... and with music favorite part about music is being high and listening to it....
  4. Come on, man. This question is unfair. They go hand in hand!
  5. Pot. Listening to or playing music are just some of the many things I enjoy doing when baked.
  6. Definitly music.
  7. Music is 100x more important to me than pot could ever be.
  8. both, bitches
  9. pot, go outside and make music out of the birds chirping or something
  10. Yup
  11. Pot. I can fall asleep without music on, but damn I struggle trying to sleep sober.
  12. Music. You can always add shrooms.
  13. Sorry...been makin' music for 8 years now, and as much as I love weed, I love music more.
  14. Judging by your name, elscorcho, it seems that I've finally found another big Weezer fan. Welcome to The City!
  15. do you post on the boards? i do, by the same username, look me up

  16. I go over there all the time, but I've never posted. I've been thinking about posting in the Musical Discussion area, but I don't think I want to get involved in the regular Weezer room. I'll definitely check you out, yo.
  17. Nah, ATNW (Al Things Not Weezer) is where it's AT.

    I just got banned yesterday actually...after almost 8000 posts, too!

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