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Music or movies? I can never decide which to do...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TaylorGangOrDie, May 24, 2010.

  1. on my chill days at the house i really can never make the transition... i want to listen to music but another part of me wants to smoke & watch a movie!

    so i usually smoke half listening to music
    eat something while watching movie
    then smoking the rest

    (but that doesn't work well when i watch my 'the office' episodes)
  2. Yeah dude, I have this same problem sometimes!
  3. why don't you do both?
  4. haha yea i have the same problem, I always want to play fifa street, watch funny movies, listen to music, walk around downtown, etc.

  5. I can't do both. Music really messes with my movie watching. Unless its a movie that you don't have to pay attention to, and you're just casually watching.

    I have the problem of decided which to do too. But I usually just end up watching TV, or playing CoD. Simply because I can't ever think of ANY move to DL.
  6. Why don't you just smoke while your listening to music and have a nice sesh then switch over to a movie.
  7. haha ya that same shit happens to me, i also have problems deciding between netflix or COD
  8. I usually listen to music while seshing, then continue to listen to music while playing cod. then when i decide it's munchies time I watch a movie while eating
  9. Lately I smoke to a playlist of every Slightly Stoopid song ever made on shuffle. After wards I usually watch the news or small talk with people on the computer. Oh and there's always the City, :cool:.
  10. Do both simple as that
  11. I like both music and movies, but it usually comes down to what I'm doing when I am smoking. If I am at the computer, or want to play Call of Duty then I listen to music. If I have nothing really going on, or I just wanna chill and do something low-key, I would watch a movie.

  12. I'll tell you what I've found. Movies will have you laughing your ass off big time (comedy) or really into it (anything else) Music will you have you zoning out and thinking about the texture of the instruments.
  13. I always want to either watch a movie or play a fucking game, and i can't decide which. But i always pick the game, because movies are fucking hard to watch (stoner logic). And i listen to the music while playing, but i always regret not watching the movie later. Tough descion dude.
  14. I preffer to listen to music but I love movies too. When i smoked daily i would say it was 50/50 but now that i can't smoke because of drug tests I can't wait until i get the chance to smoke again so i can just sit down with a nice bowl and get completely ripped listening to my itunes on my nice headphones.

    Some of the best times i have ever had while high was just chilling with music on.
  15. for some reason I cant focus on a movie in my house. I have to be in a theater and i will have a good time. I like to watch tv though.
    I prefer music though. Surround sound in my room and just lay on my bed. good vibes.
  16. music over movie any day. i just close my eyes and get lost in the beat

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