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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Faded Spinner, Jun 17, 2002.

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  1. Don\'t you hate it when people play their damn music soo loud with their windows all down, just so everybody around them will listen to their shit. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR CRAP MUSIC! So keep it to yourself.
  2. My dear friend, music is a part of life. I simply do not understand why you would get so angry at someone enjoying something that moves them. Try it sometimes, high...Turn your music up to the loudest point, and enjoy...

    Mr. Ganja


    \"I don\'t do weed, I am weed\" - Salvador Dali
  3. happens every time i leave the house and i have still never heard anyone playing anything even halfway decent
  4. I love hearing other peoples music from my car. Seriously... It\'s so happy and festive.
  5. I have to admit when the weather is nice i like to chill in the back garden with Bob Marley me anything you like but i aint turning me music off its my house there for i can do anything i like in my own home :) hehhehe

  6. I agree with Spaceman Spliff... Knowing someone out there is rocking out like I usually do makes me a) smile and b) feel like a little less of a dork.
    One of my favorite things about Saturday/Sunday mornings is listening to the girl downstairs practice her bass at like 8 in the morning. It may annoy our other neighbors in the complex but it makes me happy, for some reason.
    Music enthusiast, or just plain freak? :D
  7. i cant talk bad about people w/ their loud music cuz i enjoy listening to sublime and bob marley loud ass hell when i play basketball on my driveway in the afternoons, but i really dont like the popular style of chopped and screwed rap going around texas right now. swisha house....
  8. Music in the street is all good =) But I think people need to be considerate - anything hardcore kinda sucks (dance, rap, rock, anything) because if people aren\'t into it then they can\'t just zone it out.
  9. OK, now I will give you the REASON these morons play their music so loud:

    Most people who feel the need to impose their music on you are POOR! Poor people cannot impose much else upon you! Unlike rich people who can drive fancy cars, wear nice clothes, tell you what to do and not to do, go to high profile social events, get quoted by th emedia, etc. Poor people don\'t get shit.

    So, to tell the rest of the world, \"Hey! Look at me! I\'m cool! I\'m hip! I AM ALIVE!\" they play their music at high volumes so that everyone will pay attention to them.

    And it\'s not only from their cars! The crank music at all hours from their apartment windows!

    When I pull up to a car that has music blaring I\'m like, \"WTF!? How can they stand music that loud?\" (Not to mention that in most cases the music they are blaring SUCKS!)

    Drive into a well-to-do neighborhood. The music isn\'t loud unless there is a kick-ass party!
  10. I love music. I listen to it loud sometimes. Nothing better than to roll down the windows and let the speakers rock. I think we have a law that you can be fined if your music is heard 50 feet away. It is not inforced though.
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