Music NOT to listen to when you're stoned

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Mr Skinner, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Ok, I think we've all posted some replies on what we think is the best music you can listen to when you're stoned. And I think we got a different playlist from every inhabitant of the city. Now the question is: What should you not listen. NOTE: This is a when you're stoned thread. I don't wanna hear about all the bands you hate. Just those you shouldn't listen to when you're stoned.

    Personally I have nothing against Irish folk- it's just, when I'm stoned, it gives me a headache and sometimes I get REALLY paranoid

    Another thing is- I had the radio on and they played a song by Beyonce that started with "I'm feelin'seeexy". I instantly burst into laughter, fell off my chair, hurt my shoulder which made me laugh even more (because it's just such a stupid thing to do) which resulted in a severe tummyache
  2. Aborym - Fire walk with us! (Well it depends do you LIKE to get paranoid and depressed or not)
  3. i cant even start to listen to any hardcore/punk or metal or any shit like that when im stoned... i like the mellow, trippy, and more upbeat stuff
  4. here are a few bands not to listen to while stoned, or really not to listen too in general: abba, heart, bruce spingsteen...pfff the boss who are we kidding, david grey, starship's "we built this city" can get really annoying. probably want to stay away from that...uhh and i dont know disco yeah, no disco. disco sucks.
  5. i want to ride my bicycle

    i want to ride my bicycle

    i want to ride my bicycle





    i hate anything too repetitive ....espesaly when im high!
  6. Trance.....pop-crap european trance that is.
  7. Anything with a banjo, or harmonica or a trumpet. Everything that's made in 1986-88, The darkness, AC/DC,
  8. Honestly, anything is good to listen to when your high, you can connect with any music that is on.
  9. don't put on Britney Spears. Like 2 weeks ago my friends little sister barged into his room after we smoked a few bowls. she put on a britney cd. and i swear to god withe the high i had i couldn't keep myself from doing it. i got up and started dancing very badly. it looked like fucked up macarena.
    n e way don't listen to britney cuz u will dance. you have no choice but to.
  10. id have to say allll country music.. i hate it when im high..
  11. I have this one song on some cd (cant remember name of either right now) But it starts out with these helicopter noises...I liked the song before, it was good...then I listened to it while I was just outta my fruckin skull right...and I thought a helicopter landed on my roof...that was fine...then the machine gun noise started, I jumped up and fell face first onto the floor, and it was just fucked up! so dont listen to songs with helicopter or gun sound effects while your stoned.

  12. That counts for many songs with a weird intro, taken from a movie or just some weird noises. Often when I buy a new cd, I go home, skin up and listen to it. That's when this kind of shit happens. Freaked me out soo many times.
  13. Any song that sounds like the telephone is ringing. When I get blazed and hear that shit I end up running for the phone each time... I hate doing unnecesary mvoement. Especially when lazy and high.

  14. fuck i hate contry allllll the time!!!!

    one of the biggest fights i had with my exwife was becouse she was not alowed to play that shit on my house!!!
  15. ^
    country music, seriously angers me. I'm listening to it, and im just saying, WTF!?!? THIS SUCKS! The lyrics are always in the same predictable rhyme scheme, the bass rifts are something that a preschooler could learn. I must say that there are talented country singers out there, like maybe garth brooks or something, but even then, the music still sucks, but atleast it has some talent put into it...
  16. no you were right the first time....the music is just plane makes me very very mad....
  17. Rap. Or anything that bugs me when I'm not stoned.


    Fuckin'....... yeah.
  18. "Ganster" Rap... I hate it, hate it, hate it!!!! Seriously 50cent needs to be shot again.. and again.. and again :p. Ya, but I am not completely against rap, I like freestyle and just generally good stuff like, Jurrassic 5, and Sublime(sorta rap).

    Country Music... Ok, now I would be perfectly fine, not even a twitch or a sigh, if all country musicians died from some horribly painful drug out skin eating baccteria :D. But nothing too over the top
  19. i thought that this was a good topic so excuse the rather large bump..

    music that should not be listened to: pop, new rap, country, new korn (or any korn while you're high).. this one time i was high listening to the radio, you know, in one ear and out the other, wasn't paying attention to what was playing and i'm bobbing my head, like this song is seeeeen!. it was hit me baby one more time!! :( damn i was high, i swithced the station when i figured out what song was playing.. (hangs head in shame)

    music that should be encouraged: pink floyd, king crimson, trip hop, reggae, anything smooth and mellow with a cool ass beat.. that's it till i figure out some more.. oh and definitely make your own music when high.. das fun too!
  20. Yes, yes and yes...exept crimson, haha...eeeh someone digged up me old thread

    Should've seen me yesterday night...drunk and stoned as hell...right home to play some music...I think I woke up half the neighbourhood :D

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