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  1. Hey guys, been wanting to experiment and create music. Any advice on which program I should use? I'm not looking to spend any money, so a free one would be nice.

    I've been using LMMS and it's not bad, just wondering if there were better ones out there. I hear tunes in my head that I'd love to create music with on these programs, but it never seems to work out..

    So fellas, whatcha using?
  2. There's a program called Reason that you can use with a midi keyboard to make any number of combinations of music. You said free......if you're computer saavy enough, everything digital is free. Not really sure what free music makers are out there though...
  3. I think ^ poster above me means Audacity, but that's only good for recording, not making music. Try Fruity Loops or Reason 5...I have both, both were aquired "free" online w/ a torrent.
  4. Hehe nice. Torrentz ftw!
  5. Fruity Loops if you're noob, Reason if you're pro
  6. Fruity Loops, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Logic, there are multitudes of them out there. As far as what's "good" or not, it's all personal preference. Some might not have features that you like that others have; and one might be a bit more usable to you than another based on what you want.

    People such as Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Samiyam, Teebs, Baths, etc. all use anything from Ableton to Logic, and some even started on the free-be trials such as Nosaj Thing. Amon Tobin has the skill and patience to record all his sounds in studio on instruments (if I'm correct), and modify, add synths, etc. to create his own sounds, then produce a master of work. Flying Lotus on the other hand distorts his sounds so well that he has a unique style, and I bet that only a handful of program work how he likes them to, or to his advantage. (I remember reading something about what he does to his sounds, and what program can do it but I can't recall).I don't have the patience for software, I definitely like the hardware midi controllers and all that though, but software just isn't friendly to me.

    Download some free-trials, fuck around and see what you like. No one can tell you which one you'll get down on the most but you'll find it.
  7. lots of things are free and cheap if you look in the right place.
  8. Garageband:eek: It's not really about the software, its how you use it:cool:
  9. talent comes out no matter what thing you use.

    audacity ftw. mics an amp and instruments. plug in that ol midi board. get that yamaha drum kit out. we outta here!!!
  10. So I don't have talent because I don't like using the program I have now? I write mostly on guitar and piano, and the computer world of music making is a little new to me right now.

    Anyways, I'll look into the said programs. Reason is sounding good so I'll try that first.

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