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  1. I have often been told by others that I have a deeper appreciation for music than your average person. My wife sits back in awe when I try to explain what I hear in a song that makes me like it so much. But she'll never understand, no one will.

    Music is subjective, it is heard millions of different ways by millions of different people. What some may hate will touch the very core fiber of anothers soul. What one person will cling to in their darkest hour of need, another will shrug off without a second thought.

    Music is infinite. Music is malleable, and can be pushed into endless forms but will always maintain its power. The energy that surrounds and is created by music, regardless of genre, will never be extinguished.

    Music is crucial to life. Raw emotion is something that makes us human, it separates us from the animals, and there is nothing more beautiful than an artist pouring out their heart through a microphone or instruments, forming a perfect bond of emotional power that can do anything from enrage you, to put you on your knees with tears.

    Music is life. The choices we make in this life are no different than deciding what song to play next. Life is an album, and its up to you to write the tracks. Music is an example of why we are here, its the answer to lifes ponderings. Music is the epitome of life, and what it means to be alive. Our lives, and our music, are us.

    As cliche as it sounds, as you go through your life as normal, don't forget to stop and really listen to the music. You won't be dissapointed.
  2. Music is beautiful.
  3. Music has helped me through some very very painful times in my life, even making my own is such a great way to 'talk' it out on a track.
  4. music is the fruit of passion.
    music is what emotions sound like.

    definitely. i have "rhythm is life" tattooed on my arm. a dove inside a clef note. existence world be meaningless without music. i believe life itself is a song. music has affected me SO deeply i cannnot begin to explain

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