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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by knucklemonkey, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. What do you think about having a radio or something like that in your growbox/growroom? I've always heard that plants respond well to music and singing and talking to them about having a little radio working 24/7 in the growbox? Think it would help?

  2. What music would you recommend?
  3. I'm not suggesting a type of music so much as asking if anyone thinks it would make a difference. I suppose a local radio station would be my choice since I wouldn't be in the growbox listening....maybe top 40?
  4. No one has any opinion about this? I'm just looking for things that might improve plant morale and therefore make them do better. :D
  5. i think its more for difficult to grow plants... and I believe the style would be classical music.

    I got no experience with this.
  6. You know what's funny back in high school someone did this as a science experiment. Each plant tuned to a different genre of music. I remember something like the plant with the Rock and Rap music died and the Classical grew the best.

    Not an accurate experiment but interesting.
  7. I suppose I mostly want to know if music has proven to help or not when it comes to growing stickyicky. I'd be down with a couple of little radios if it helps but I don't suppose anyone really knows one way or the other.

  8. I always let my Laddies, enjoy the sound of, vibrations.
  9. Remember Cheech and Chong Nice Dreams? Jimmy, the pot grower, always has classical music playing in the grow tent. ;)
  10. my lil girls love the beatles and radiohead. for some reason they look more green when i put it on.
  11. The Myth Busters did a show on this testing plants and their reaction to humans and such. Unfortunately I do not remember the results, but interesting nonetheless.

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