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  1. i have read that music are good for plants. i am gonna give my plants some willie nelson, ben harper, jack johnson, widespread panic, lenny kravitz, prince (80's), and a few others...

    do any of you guy play music for your plants...?

  2. no dude,

    i've heard 70's classic rock can help, but 80's shit...
    nah man!
  3. Plants do seem to respond agreeable to some musics and sounds, and have a disagreeable reaction to other types of noises. Soft melodic flowing sounds, like a running brook and birds songs, get good reactions. Acid rock, heavy metal, trains passing and planes taking off got significantly different, and plainly no a good one, with some wilting, some discoloring, some quit growing, depending on the length of exposure. What plant really love, is for you to sing along, thus giving them music and CO2. Earth girls love to sing ballads, love songs, show tunes, and country western.
  4. I'm currently experimenting with this. I started out with some soothing classical music like many gardeners play for other kinds of plants. I'm exposing them to some more contemporary sounds now. Some Beatles and Marley so far. Plants respond to music. Musicians respond to weed. It's a very cool and mystical plant and I'm thinking it will respond well to some of the music it helped influence. Nothing hardcore. But there's lots of cool music that should go over well in a grow room. I'm working on a mixed MP3 right now in fact.
  5. My plants are mainly into a hip-hop although a couple of them have started to listen Elvis?!? Wtf.
  6. mines get no more than i play on my computer. mostly underground rap and they seem to be loving it. lol. Young Jeezy - Cant Ban The Snowman album seems to be their favorite lol. by the way, thats a ganger grillz album if anyone was woundering... the last CD he came out with :D its better than the one everyone else got lol
  7. Well I just had a chat with them and most of them agreed their favourite song was "House of Pain & Cyrpress Hill - Jump Around", although one of the claimed he could dance to it and another claimed his favourite song was "Suspisious Minds" :rolleyes:
  8. They obviously aint heard that "Im back" track off the jeezy CD lol. Or that T.I. Gangster Grillz album (The Leak) or most of the other gangster grillz CD's... my plants just cussed you out for saying someone is better than the gangster grillz CD's lol
  9. Music doesn't do anything besides send vibrations to the soil, which might increse growth loosening up the soil for more oxygen to get to the roots.

  10. Booo, my plants do not agree, they enjoy music as much as anyone.

    Goosie, my plants said if your plants got beef they wanna bring it? They said bringing to anyone who wants to bring it, so bring it.

    Lol hahah baked :D :smoking:
  11. MY plants like bun-b and paul walll and occasionaly some sublime there growing good to this.
  12. I know it sounds weird but I think it works. I saw an experiment done on myth busters where they gave plants three different types of music and kept one for a control group. The ones that did the best had slayer or something like it playing for them the difference in size was quite remarkable close to a foot.
  13. lol 2packed... they said whenever your ready... lean with it... rock with it... body rock, body rock, they choppa make your plants body rock. :D
  14. are you guys fucking serious?... i can't tell if theres any sarcasem...kinda freaks me out
  15. I think I may have just made a breakthrough in my music experimentation. I am playing "Chants of India" by Ravi Shankar, produced by George Harrison. I've got the volume set just loud enough that you can feel a very slight vibration through the laminate floor. I'm not as scientific as many of the people on these boards. I tend to take a much more spiritual approach to these very mystical plants. But I did some measurements and made some observations. The plants have grown about a half inch and I'm only about halfway through the CD. Leaves that were looking a bit lethargic a half hour ago are perking up. I'm seeing a very healthy sea of green that didn't look quite so exciting before I put the music on. They seem to respond very well to this type of music. I'm not joking either. I am seeing results.
  16. Otis Redding - Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay.

  17. Rofl! I was only joking and I think Goosie was too :D

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