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  1. Aint music festivals just dandy.......
    I think Festivals are like Disney World for adults
    I went to Rothburry, Algood, Wakarusa, and bonnaroo this season and have had the time of my life. Oh yea, I snuck into all of them:hello:

    Anyway, I will just post one festival experience and leave the thread open.....

    We all arived in Kansas exited and ready to get are groove on at wakarusa. As me and about 7 of my friends were setting up our tent we were warned of severe storms in the forecast. Well I dunno if its the Molly or the L that gave me and my group the courage to wait out the storm, but we did. It was one of the biggest storm cells to go through Kansas in some time, and it was fukn intense. At the peak of the storm we were all hunkered down in a 10 man tent, trying to keep our cool, and our drug intake under control. The lightning thunder and constant barrage of wind was possibly the most insane trip I will ever have endured. When it was over, we all stepped outside, gave a victory holla, and enjoyed a great weekend of live music that I will never forget.:smoke:
  2. That sounds really awesome!! This was my first year experiencing a festival and it was at Bonnaroo (paid for my ticket and it cost all of my money) with my girlfriend and a few friends. On saturday, 4 of us ate an eighth of shrooms and tripped most of the afternoon seeing live bands, then drank some beers with our neighbors and then they broke out some opium and smoked 2-3 bowls of weed with opium on top of it with us. went and chilled at widespread and bought some molly. we did the molly later and stayed up all night dancing to so many good groups. then went to see kanye at 4 in the morning which didn't end until after the sun came up. so we put our sunglasses on and hiked back to camp. smoked a bowl and passed out until later.

    such a great time.
  3. did you guys go play in the mud after that? X and mud go very well together :)

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