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  1. I just got my tickets to Hangout Fest in mobile, AL and I was gonna see if any other GC members are gonna be there? Or what fest are you looking forward to?
  2. that festie has a pretty serious lineup, if i lived closer id soooo be there

    but as of now i got

    Camp Bisco
    Electric Zoo
    Identity Festival (its a traveling festie, so its really just a tour but its an all day mulitple stages type deal with tons of aweosme EDM)
  3. Its all about Creamfields...seriously cant think of a better lineup

    Creamfields 2011
  4. ACL 2011, can't wait for the lineup to come out
  5. culture shockk next year, the lineup isnt released yet but the past ones have been siick
  6. Starscape purchased and considering volunteering for Camp Bisco for the free tix. Might buy one to Electric Zoo if I can get a friend too as well.

  7. i like your style

    starscape is still in the air for me, the big question is how will i get there

    bisco is 100% and Ezoo is based on lineup, i wouldnt consider those healdiners special at all

  8. Yeah for the price tag Zoo doesn't seem too worth it. I was considering buying a few tix and holding on until August and selling them so I'd basically make money and go for free haha. I just saw Wolfgang Gartner last friday, so I wanna go anywhere he is right now as he fuckin killed it. Little upset he's not gonna be at Starscape this year, but Feed Me will more than make up for it. Definitely hit up Starscape though! Not pricey at all. What's your issue gettin there? Just too far?

  9. yeah im from boston and idk, last thing i wanna do is any driving after starscape, im sure u get the hint, ill still be going strong by 6 am lol

    i got the $$ but i just REALLY dont wanna drive there, im gonna do everything in my power to get in on a ride to starscape, know alotta people going
  10. Anyone live in or near Austin? I just went to Eeyore's Birthday last weekend and Marley Fest (Reggae Fest) two weeks before that. Both were amazing, need more festivals to go to.
  11. Lalapalooza this year! I know it's not the greatist "fest" but Deadmau5 will be there so it's all ok! :)
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    Living in Austin in a few months bro, can't wait. Austin city limits is comin up in september

  13. Holy shit that's the most stacked lineup I've ever seen. Too bad it's across the world. :rolleyes:
  14. so far just starscape and a few shows over the summer, was gonna go to bisco but an annual trip to the outer banks with all my buddies got moved this year :/ , might go to ezoo but thats gonna depend largely on the lineup and im really not impressed so far, although i know some house and trance heads that r wetting themselves right now. the plain shit just aint my cup of tea.

    eh rage ill be drivin to scape if u cnt get a ride all u gotta do is make it to jersey somehow haha, pretty sure ill be crashin at a friends down there and drivin back later, that will not be fun drivin after that LONG ass day and abuse :laughing:

  15. yeah thts like the biggest reason i still dont know if ill be at starscape or not, driving there is whatever, smoke a couple blunts and that ride seems pretty short, but driving after starscape is sumthing i really dont wanna do lol, im gonna be going soooooooo hard at starscape lol
  16. Hopefully the Big 4 tour. Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer Mmmmm

  17. Oh shit where in Jersey are ya? I'll be leavin from Millstone, 3 hours to Starscape... well 2 with my driving ;)

    Yeah that sucks, I'm gonna be rolling balls :yay:, so driving back wouldn't be an option... luckily I got a friend who's a senior at UMD who's givin me the keys to his house for the weekend. Only 20 min away from starscape woooooot

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