Music controls you (ACID)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Vexus, May 13, 2008.

  1. So I took 2 hits of acid for my first time with my brother and we tripped out all night till 5 am listening to crazy music and its scary how much the music controls your trip.

    I can't believe how amazing acid is, I HAD THE MOST INCREDIBLE BODY HIGH it was like an orgasm all over my body especialy in my back and at points I would just get some over whelmed with pleasure it would become painful it was insane.


    Not to mention looking at lights and they all of a sudden start to sway like trees.
  2. music always helps with my trips. if i listen to dub it will be more fun and happy.
    when i listen to psychedelic more cosmic and wild,when ambient more laid back and cosmic. music plays its role in everything.if you notice music sounds diffrend when you are tripping.more into your hed..i cant explain it better..
    believe it.acid is ...theres not even a word for how good acid is..
  3. Ha true that, when I first tried acid I came to the conclusion that music was sex to the ears. Gotta get some acid or shrooms and go to speedracer this weekend.

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