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  1. when i was younger i used to be a heavy metal fan. i grew up getting stoned and listening to metallica, tool and korn. then i started listening to the prodigy - i even used to time my breaths to "SMACK MY BITCH UP.... WHOA!!"

    anyway now that im a little older i have started to listen to hard nrg and trance music. this shit spins me out when im bent.

    i was just wondering what people listened to when they were stoned, having sessions, and also if being stoned changed their music tastes or it was just an age thing...

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  2. HAs to be underground hip hop...I study every word..pick it down to the bone....And you get some crazy

    But yeah..underground hip hop
  4. fear factory
    cradle of filth
    peter tosh
    kottonmouth kings etc.
  5. tool videos are the shit to watch when your throwed..i have parabol going right now, and im fixin to spark another bowl :D tenacious d is great to listen to too, jimi hendrix, gorrilaz, i also just found out i really like to listen to the doors

    did you get those flames from the tenacios d website?
  6. what namrom said, sans the tool videos-but i may have to try that next time im twisted (not to make it sound like an infrequent occurence).

    Trance music and psytrance really fucks my mind when im stoned too. Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers, and Radiohead too.

    OH MAN NEXT TIME YOU"RE BAKED DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE CD 'Dig your Own Hole' by the Chemical Brothers. Private Psychadelic Reel is teh best fuckin song.

    Sorry for this disjointed post. I'm really really tired and I haven't toked yet, lol. %)
  7. same as ilsten to normally: soad, metallica, cradle of filth, emporer, fear factory, etc.....
  8. i listen to.....
    damian marley
    bob marley
    peter tosh
    sublime-40oz to freedom
    .....shit like that, i like reggea alot when im high.

  9. i got it from somone's home page. feel free to take it yourself
  10. Bob Marley, Sublime, Morgan Heritage, The Clash, Rancid, ac/dc, U.S. Bombs, Long Beach Dub Allstars, and Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
  11. icp is always kick ass, and the vines is the shit when high.
  12. When i'm chillin by myself, techno trance stuff all the time.

    When I'm wit friends cracked out high, listen to funny stoner songs and cheech and chong material

    When were chillin, rock and hip hop
  13. i listen to everything when im high! like bipolar said, some dope hip hop is crazy when youre baked.. aphex twin or infected mushroom are trippy as hell.. hmm what else- pink floyd, cypress hill and marley are always nice and chill, pennywise and greenday are good too, and the chill out mix cds (may only be local, im not sure) are the best if you just want to relax with some headphones and your mind..

    but i cant believe noones mentioned JAZZ yet! ..the original stoners, folks, and its actually good music! GO DOWNLOAD SOME JAZZ TRACKS RIGHT NOW!!!

    hmm.. theres lots more, but if i tried to list everything id be here for days.. and besides, im starting to feel the dreaded laziness creeping in :D

    {/ / / / / / /# ~

    keep smokin!
  14. Moved topic from rec room to music hall!
  15. i love being totally tweaked out and listening to Aphex Twin or Nine Inch Nails. Some personal faves are Drukqs and Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 by Aphex Twin and The Downward Spiral by NIN. Super mind-fuck albums. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Mr. Bungle.
  16. I'm gonna have to agree that underground hip hop is the best when you are blazed up. There is one station here in Boston that plays straight underground hip hop every week night with no commercials the whole time. I can't get enough.
  17. My fiance has recently turned me on to Techno/Trance type music. There is a sense of freedom in the music, devoid of words, maintained by a steady, ever changing beat, that really bakes my noodle, lol.

    Even sober I am a HUGE music fan. I would never critisize any music, because to do that is to critisize the artistic side of a person.... even the ones that I think suck. I couldn't get up on stage and do what they do.... shit, I can't even play an instrument... lol

    any way... there is my 2 1/2 cents worth....



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