Music changing your high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by seven, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. most of time when i'm baked, the high will change alot depending on what i'm listening to. like system of a down, nine inch nails, etc will get me paranoid and a really strong head high, techno makes the high really trippy and visual, marley and reggae stuff will make it mellow and relaxed, etc

    anyone else get this? I think it's cool being able to control it with music :)
  2. yea i love to mellow out and listen to phish string cheese widespread panic and the grateful dead when i get paranoid. it helps a lot
  3. sure thing man, it does it for me sometimes. i love jammin' out in my room sometimes... so much fun...
  4. It depends on the rhytm and the bass sequences. Let me explain the rhytm works with the heart, in reggae it's usually 63 BPMs wich is the average number of heart beats so it feels natural and makes you feel relaxed 'cos the music's in time with your body. In psychedelic trance and similar music the beat and bass sequences and the lack of chances in songs are designed to increase brain activity, there's also music that has BPMs and sequences etc. that are supposedly "fucking" the brain wawes and causing different kind of emotions.
  5. Being a bassist myself does that make me a good tune? Bass heavy stuff is cool My mate was a full on drum'n'bass head but never listened to it stoned cos he likes to be chilled when he smokes. He thought that listening to D'n'B would be to frantic, eventually i convinced him to try it and it totally blew his mind cos of all the different levels too it. Although it was fast paced it was also very relaxing Hard to explain
  6. Low tunes like bass sound great when stoned and everything with delay sounds great too. I low to play bass when stoned.
    Have any of you who play guitar or bass noticed that it's almost impossible to tune your guitar/bass when stoned?
  7. the best music to get stoned to is Pink Floyd ... its very mellow .. and at the same time it fucks with ya ...
  8. music is my life :) it makes my day every damn day :D
  9. oh, GPhish, you couldnt have put it better! music can be anything you want it to be....ahhh...its great!
  10. I LOVE MUSIC!!!!

  11. Whenever I try to play bass when stoned, I suddenly catch myself playin one thing over and over, either a riff or just a single note - its fuckin spinny! I love it cant beat music and some good smoke. Sky
  12. the best thing about bass when your stoned is not how it sounds but how it feels the waves just move right through you
  13. Reapeating on thing over and over again, that happens but it doesn't matter. The great thing to do is to put the volume of bass amplifier as loud as you can, and turn bass all up and the high all the way down, and then just lean against the speaker and play the lowest possible notes you can get. It really makes you FEEL the bass, I've spent hours doing this.
  14. some times bob sometimes rob (zombie), sometimes my fav papa touwjtie ( a popular artist here), it all depends on the vibe ur in...

  15. Wow is that ture???

    I know rap is like 90-110 bmps,
    Techno is like 120-160 bmps,
    Thats all I know though...
  16. ya i know what your talking bout. like i like to listen to tekno when im blazed because it fucks with my head and makes me think of the stupidest shit when im blazed, also when im fucked up, i always get paranoid so i listen to mellow music when im stoned, so i dont start to freak out. and even if i do get caught, i will be too stoned to know whats going on, so its all good!!! hehe I LOVE WEED!!!!!!!
  17. Like my father said "there's one good thing in reggae, it has a beat that's nice to wawe yourself with, while stoned"

    And to Lapse: yes. it's true.
  18. music music music... the key to my survival... that and maryjane. music is the key to my highs. i listen to all geres of music. when high, i usually find myself listening to korn. alot of the songs in some weird way are touching to me and allow me to sit and ponder with a clear head. i also love listening to ragae. its my mellow jams that i can just sit and daze off into my own world of nonsence. but i do love to dance so thats when i turn up the volume with high energy tech and jungle music...
  19. The weirdest thing happened couple of nights ago we were drinking some wine and smoking some pretty tough hash and decided to fool around with computers and synths etc. at some point some one had started to record that stuf on MD it got pretty intense at some points and the speakers and all the stuff in there started acting really strange because of the volume levels and it was all done randomly You push that while I turn these and etc. We listened to those recordings yesterday and I've never laughed so much......... random music is funny.
  20. this might sound "soft " of me but try some jazz. Like bigband swing. for some reason i get really bouncy. some girls dig it, after you tell them your not gay. Count Basie is my favorite. YOu wont regret it,if you have an open mind. try "Dickie's Dream" and "From Russia with Love". If you really want to brave the far reaches of sanity dowload Benny Goodman's "SIng Sing Sing". Get the live from Cargeny Hall 1938. most others are modern crap.

    Wanger really hits me hard. When i am feeling bleek I pack a pipe and take a long walk with Wanger.

    Of course i can get into allmost anymusic. ALMOST. but i know what you all mean music seams to transform myself into the rythem beat of the music. Some ,usic totaly fucks my high over though. some techno does it. the stuff with that ruff back beat. i know thats the piont of it but some take it overboard and make it sound like someone is pounding your skull .

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