Music based economy?

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  1. Anyone ever tried to imagine something like this?

  2. music based society*

    that would be a reason to live...
  3. It would explain the multitude of rap artists out there, and the fact that nobody listens to their songs for more than two months...
  4. Anyone else confused :?
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    imagine the system of physical currency was never conceived. instead forever ago they developed an economy based solely around music!
  6. Wouldn't work.

    "My song was better"
    "Not at all, it bairly had a rythm"
  7. An economy will be obsolete once we develop and invent energy sources strong enough to create all of our necessities in abundance.
    Say everything can be created so cheaply that nobody would have to work anymore, and all of our work is taken over by machines. People can then focus on their creativity and this will become much more valuable.
  8. Like Glee? I'll pass.
  9. like glee but for heterosexuals!
  10. haha, music could be related as 'emotional gasoline' , or something
    along those lines maybe.. oddly enough, you may've stumbled
    onto something there, OP
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    yeah we were reallyyy high hehehe.
    i think we were looking at it as more of a society system where the social structures were based on music, and if that happened there would also be an economy that would develop from that
  12. hum.. i would like to ask you to elaborate,
    also i would not
  13. very interesting.
  14. that would just create more problems. for 1 people would get even fatter. and other shit would happen too.
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    i dunno how to elaborate on it because idk how it would work!
  16. Of course problems would be associated with it but the driving force between human innovation is curiosity or our desire for doing as little work as possible.
    Let's say oil is no longer needed, and we find an energy source so abundant and clean that it can be distributed for free. Let's say factories now run for free and you only need raw materials. Let's say we advance even further and create any material we want by manipulating molecules. There would be no scarcity of resources or energy. We could get machines to do all of our work for us, create anything we want and not have to work for it.
    What would be left to do then? People could focus on developing themselves spiritually, psychologically, physically and creatively.
    Imagine a world where nobody has to go to work to make money for a boss, and instead can work for their own benefit. I think this is possible given the two criteria I mentioned earlier, unlimited energy and the ability to create raw materials.
  17. basically that ^

    i was saying what if currency had never been invented an instead people developed some wierd type of creative barter system and music, instead of money, ruled the world.

    but instead of going back in time and seeing what would happen we could just use his idea he he he
  18. That sounds very awsome. Great idea

  19. I beg to differ

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