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  1. I was researching a bit on music to play for your plants. I play soothing spa type music right now, and its nice in there. But I read on this site Plants Respond to Music that too much music is bad for them. Anyone else heard this? Experience this?
  2. There is a very in depth thread with awesome articles in this forum if you wanna look. Something like "Using sound to increase yields like crazy". Id post a link but I'm on my phone :/ To sum things up I suppose the best use of music is something like 30 minutes once lights turn on, then the last 30 minutes of the day. It also has to be within a certain khz (SP?) or it can have no or even ill effects on your girls. Soft sounds and nature music or sounds does good I believe, I'm trying this next round :)

    Check out that thread though it has some interesting info
  3. Do you remember what section it might be in?
  4. And isn't the end of the day lights off?
  5. Yes end of day is lights off, its here in advanced.techniques, use the search.or go through a few pages, it wast too long ago.
  6. Found it! Thanks a bunch!
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    I was re-searching for my grow, and I found the Sonic Bloom method by dan carlson is what u r looking for go to google and search "sonic bloom" should be the second link, hope it helps n I think looks like the real deal
  8. Im sure it has something to do with the sonic bloom theory. They discovered that certain sound frequencies can massively increase yield and general health. I suppose if your music was in that frequency range it could positively affect the plants.
  9. I guess I should read the other responses before posting. Haha

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