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  1. you ever listen to some great music while playing a game...and feel it is the sound track of the character's life...its the best thing ever. im making this thread for people to post there favorite game and the co-joining artist, band, song that pushes your game on. sorry if this is a repost. ill start it off:

    system of a down, first album- star wars battle front I + II
  2. Hehe, yeah. I've done that a lot.
    I'd play David Bowie/NIN : "Afraid of Americans" while driving around in GTA 3. Then when it gets to the climax of the song where they're like "bah bah bah bah bah...god is an american" I'll drive off the big parking lot/tower thingy. And zoom all around.
    Weird me.
  3. Yeahh dude its fucking amazing !!!
  4. bump: i really want to see what people listen to when playing games.
  5. i listen to alot of system of a down when playing video games like madden 06 or halo 2 to get me pumped up or sumthing lol
  6. i like to listen to a lot of tom waits when playing gta. it's just the perfect soundtrack for wanton violence imo...

    and some old school snoop dogg is great for san andreas
  7. Yes I do this every day. hmmm
    GTA SA, avenged sevenfold - bat country
    Need for speed underground, Soilwork - As we speak
    Elder Scrolls oblivion, whole lotta jack johnson
    UT2004, The pixies - Where is my mind
  8. ^ Hey man, Oblivion is a pretty bad ass game. I just got it, I tihnk Im going to smoke a bowl and play some..:p
  9. whoa, new elder scrolls game, nice. morrowind was great, ill def be checkin this out.
  10. when i play the zelda windwaker i play dub reggae on my surround sound, and its fucking nuttttttts!
  11. OMG zelda! i totally forgot about her, i think im going to break out my 64 and play alittle of that stoned...thanks man.
  12. techno is what i listen to when im playin a racing game, and i listen to danger doom when im playin ninja gaiden. other than that i usually like the tunes the game comes with. and my friend just startd playin windwaker and that is one of the coolest games, and prbly the best zelda ive seen and played
    zelda is a guy
  13. ^^^nah man zelda's a chick. link is the guy
  14. City Of Heroes & Just about anything, Headphones a bowl and a lot of time. :)

  15. you are correct, the zelda games kick ass
  16. I know I've mentioned this before, but some Mars Volta always goes well with Star Fox. Sometimes it goes frighteningly well.

  17. i fucking love the pixies.

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