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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Lycanthropy, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Music is a giant part of our cultures, each and every one of us. (Yes, even us of the "Goth" persuasion.) I know that there are thousands of awesome stoner songs, but what are your favorites overall?

    I'm not talking like the songs that give a subtle hint of sneaking a little toke here or there, but the kind of songs that make you feel like rolling a twenty-foot blunt right then and there. The ones that make you feel stoned when you're dry. Stuff like that. Just curious

  2. I think this belongs in the music thread with the other 50 threads exactly like it. :)
  3. Wow, I am stupid. Guess it'd help if I opened my eyes and looked a bit further down.. Heh. I need to stop smoking weed.




    On second thought, I won't quit. *Loads another and goes to the music thread..*


  4. Heh, don't worry about it man. It happens.
  5. KOTTONMOUTH KINGS y'know they still blowing smoke rings, hahahaha


    50 cent - high all the time

    three 6 mafia - bin laden

    jimi hendrix

    or if youre going for a more "stoned" high, simon and garfunkel are good, and theres loads more
  6. mars volta, u wil be pleased, the beatles magical mystery tour, Revolver or Sgt Pepper. Guster or dispatched are good also.
  7. sublime-smoke 2 joints
  8. Haha, yes that Bob Dylan song everybody must get stoned. Man I love that tune, i hear it on the radio like all the time i go boat fishin with my dad. Its funny cuz hes like all anti-drugs and shit. Makes me wanna smoke one there but obviously, I cant.
  9. Am i the only one here thats not into any of the "stoner bands" Pink floyd, led zep, the dead....

    Im into Korn, rob zombie, linkin park, pod, offspring, marylin mansin.

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