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  1. unfortunatly its only a gram ive never ate less than an 1/8 at a time should i expect to just feel stoned all day?
    edit: im gonna snort some klonopin to, i'll be straight right? i cant get caught i;ll be around a lot of people
  2. i know it hasnt been long but somebody answer...pleaseeee
  3. Im not sure if it will work im sure u will feel something, someone told me once that if u eat shroomz that is like all shake it hits u harder but not for as long, maybe u should try that
  4. You'll feel a little high for about 1-2 hours max. You wont feel nothing to special.

  5. yeah i figure itll just be a euphoric high for a couple hours no visuals just happy.
  6. 1.47gs of dried 7month old mushrooms eat them or dont eat them?
  7. it's straight slight breathing things complete mushrooms bod feeling its cool cool, gonna snort a 1mg of klonopin right now then smoke more herb
  8. What is klonopin? and for my other question. Should I eat 4 or 5 grams of shrooms tonight?
  9. I'd say 'no guts, no glory'...but I have no experience in mushrooms at all. Nada.

    This is just post padding, really.

  10. 4 grams make them last, klonopin is the greatest pharm on the market gonna lay down listen to god knows what
  11. I will eat 4 but I was wondering if I should wait a while more cause I ate a big meal at 730pm and it is now about midnight.

    If you think I should make my own thread let me know. I am just hesitant to cause there are so many mushroom threads.
  12. eat the shrooms
  13. doesnt the downer kill the trip? thats what always happens to me when i take a downer. oh well.
  14. 1g wont do nething really .. buzzed hardly .. but with a kpin u should be straight enjoy (specllial y since u said u smokin erb too!)

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