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  1. Alright, I am wondering if i should try them or not? I mean, when i first started smoking i told my self i would never try anything else...other than smoking and drinking, and so far i haven't. and its been about a year so far and im doing well. but now im hearing about mushrooms and how good they are. and i dont trust acid cuz some of that shit is made in people's gaurages and shit...(or so i heard) so i was wondering what the long term and short term effects of shrooms were, and how long the trip lasts...just different facts that i should know before i might try them. and..are they addictive? because i wouldnt want to get hooked or but i would really appreciate it ....thak you.
  2. i tried mushrooms before i tried cannabis and the benefits to my mentality were imense! i recomend u try em and also check out the first trips thread in philosophy & spirituality to read my whole experience.

  3. Well theres alot of stuff you should know about shrooms before you try them... First off I've always held the philosophy of knowing everything I possible can about the substance that Im putting into my body, its the very least you can do if you're going to be messing with a conciousness altering substance. So my first piece of advice would be to go to and read their mushroom section.

    Duration is about 4 to 6 hours with residual comedown effects lasting about a few hours after that. So you should make sure you have about 10 hours of free time to do your trip, even if it doesnt last that long.

    Mushrooms are a dilerium, meaning one of the main reasons why you hallucinate is because your brain is slowly and in small amounts being poisoned...dont freak out over that because coffee is a poison too....Just keep in mind that you basically go nuts for a few hours during these trips and your brain and body need a break between trips, so you shouldnt trip more than once a month....

    All other info you need will be found at the erowid site...just read the basics section, read the dosage section, read the trip reports, read everything offered....and remember if you trip, and its uncomfortable, dont fight it, it makes it worse, whatever happens during a trip just accept it and go with the flow and thinigs will be much more pleasant...and if youre taking shrooms for reasons other than personal guidance, recreation etc. then dont do it...because you have to want to take them....
  4. You've prolly heard this before but read up man!! Always read up on substances before doing them!

    Mushrooms affects everyone differently and the trip depends on you and how much you take. I'm gonna try them soon. :)

    edit: damn NuBBiN responded before I finshed typing ;P
  5. damn! i can't beleive i totally forgot to point him in the direction of erowid! i usually do. woooooooooops. luckily theres enough other wise trippers around to back up my lack of ... em


    ... memory.

    (that wasn't done for comedy effect i really couldn't remember that then, i just hit the enter button a few times to represent it).

    nubbin is wise in the ways of fungus.

    mushrooms are most probably the safest halucinogen i know, and as long as you understand the basic principles of taking any halucinogenic drug (or almost any mind altering drug for that matter) you'll be ok.

    set & setting.

    set & setting... that's all thats really needed for a good trip... any further knowledge takes away from the experience of being on the voyage of the teacher drug.
  6. And don't forget to go to the lots of info on dosages and trip reports and what my Pomeranian has told me some methods on how you can grow some.
  7. unless you've taken 5+ grams then you wont "leave this world"'re aware of your surroundings, you know you took the shrooms, but things are just can be sitting in your room and you'd know you're in your room, but your tv would look extra pretty with all the lights, your rom might look only 3 feet tall but 30 feet wide..its all perception....if you do take 5+ grams and go for a godly amount of shrooms, youre surroundings become shattered by your can see your room, you can see the tv, but you may no understand where you are, why small people are in this box talking to you etc...its a real brain boggler in high doses..
  8. I can get an ounce for $50...but I live in oregon and the northwest is loaded with shrooms popping up like grass, so I can usually go out with a friend and pick my own during the season.
  9. I've heard from a few peope on the east coast who say that they usualy pay 10/gram for decent shrooms, but I honestly couldn't tell you for sure
  10. okay ican give you some info if youeat shrooms thary good that way but thay taste like strat as crak but if you make atea out of them thay tast alot better and leas tripe you have for abe ginner and you can also put them on pizza and thay taste better to and you tripp alot faster hayi reacmend you chek out erowid to just throw ing some info try and holler bake peace

  11. TRANSLATION: Okay, I can give you some info...If you eat shrooms they're good that way, but they taste like (strait crack?), but if you make a tea out of them they taste a lot better and (less trippy for a beginner?) and you can also put them on pizza and they taste better too. And you trip a lot faster! Hey, I recommend you check out to just throw in some info try and hollar back.

    I somewhat agree...but the pizza method is fucked IMO, the shrooms dont taste like normal culinary mushrooms at all...and putting them on pizza simply makes your pizza taste like dirt (also, if you cook them on a pizza the psilicybin breaks down due to the heat...resulting in a larger amount of shrooms needed to ingest to trip). As for a tea, If you know how to make it corectly and not destroy the psilocybin then it can be VERY good..although since it gets absorbed much quicker in your system, the trip is much more intense and shorter....I wouldn't suggest this for a beginner. My favorite method is to simply measure out my desired amount...grind up the shrooms into a fine powder...throw the powder into a glass of ice cold orange juice and quickly chug it like a charm, and as lonmg as you dont let the orange/shroom mixture sit too long then you don have to worry about the powder absorbing moisture and turning your beverage into shroom jello... as for going to I 100% agree...anybody (beginner or veteran) who is thinking of trying a new substance, or doesntknow everything they possibly can know about a substance they plan on putting into their body needs to go back to erowid and research!!
  12. shrooms, ah the memories...anyway, the only bad thing about shrooms is the consumption. i kid you not, they're some of the worst tasting things i've ever eaten, and i smoke lots of pot so i've eaten alot of things. i was more afraid of puking them up, and then having to eat my vomit, (hey, you can't just throw away a good trip, and or the money you spent on it) don't worry though, nothing of the sort happened. i just downed a soda with them and i was good. of course you could put them on a pizza or something, but like all substances i find the buzz much better on an empty stomach. where i live i could get good shrooms for 30 an 1/8th. good trippin.
  13. hay nubbien thankes for fixing that for me i was in a ruse and another i cant spell worth shit thanks peace

  14. FREAK!..FREEEAAAK! :):pokes ZIA with a pitchfork:: )
  15. Some shrooms don't taste so bad actually. I can eat some of them straight with a glass of water. Then again some taste really bad. PS if your just eating hte mushrooms, chew them up till they turn into a liquid in your mouth. I find this gives you less chance of a stomach ache.

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