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  1. I did a search for this, but I keep getting mixed opinions. I keep finding mushrooms growing next to my girl. I pick them and throw them out, but a few days later, they are back. If they are not hurting anything, then I will not worry about it. Humidity is at 30% and I have good airflow.

  2. good pic!
  3. Is that mushroom compost that you've mixed with the soil? could be the issue.

    For mushrooms to be growing, and mycelium, that soil must be pretty damm healthy :cool:

    You seriously need to Veg your plants for longer tho ;)
  4. first, you should identify them and see if they make you trip!

    but if you're wanting to get rid of them... well i don't know too much about shrooms, but i think there's some kind of system of growth underneath the soil that produces the mushrooms you see above ground, i think you'd have to get rid of that first.

    i don't think they'd hurt much, i recently read a thread about a guy purposely growing shrooms with his mj plants. but i think once you transplant it into different soil that should take care of the problem.
  5. Those don't look like the mushrooms that make you trip.
  6. It is soil I mixed myself. It is part Jiffy seed starter, part organic top soil and some organic fertilizer. Also, I only vegged for one week. It is a micro grow inside a computer - I wanted her to be small.
  7. There are actually very few species of mushroom that have any kind of psychoactive components so I would say there is less than a 1% chance that they are of an entertaining variety.

    More mushrooms are seriously poisonous, so I would say there is a very good chance that those fungi would make you very sick/dead if you ate them.

    As for getting rid of them, Papageorgio is correct that the structure that they grow from is under the ground, so you will need to poison them (A tricky proposition with your girl right there) or get something that eats this type of fungus (also tricky as you have to find out what species of mushroom you have).

    Anyone else out there haver any suggestions for getting rid of them?
  8. I know they are not magic mushrooms, they look nothing like them. Im originally from south Louisiana, so I have picked shrooms my whole life. Thanks for the pointers, I might just not do anything as long as my girl stays healthy.
  9. I tried a PC grow and with all the tricks in the book my girls would not stay that small. She is slightly taller than a foot now and less than a month to go. Even still I might harvest a blunts worth. It was good for learning but all it made me want to do was grow more (at once) in a bigger box. Nice pics tho!
  10. I guess it depends a lot on the strain. This is Sour Diesel I got from Attitude.
  11. First off I think if you had more light it would kill the shrooms, but in order for them to grow you mush have a pretty complex mycelium network in you soil, it should help your plant by breaking down complex carbs into similar forms more usable for your plant. Second the shrooms break O2 and release CO2 like us, living symbolically with your plant. But why is your plant into full flowering at 2" tall?
  12. It is small because this was an experimental Micro Grow. It is supposed to be small.
  13. its actually "Cute" and no i am not but its a cool macro like pic with the shrooms...if they were magic you could call this thread killing 2 birds ith one pot O'soil lmao...anyway i hope u get lifted for a bit off the little bonsai u got there but dont eat the shrooms...just in case.

  14. Just FYI, "magic mushrooms" come in all shapes and sizes and there are approximately 190 species of psilocybin mushrooms.

    When people say "they don't look like magic mushrooms" they typically mean the mushrooms they have personally seen or eaten, rather than "I know what all 190 species look like and that isn't it."

    But yeah, moral of the story is don't eat anything unless you KNOW.
  15. the mushrooms will not hurt your plant i nanyway they usually benifit the plants as they digest there food ouside of there cellsmaking food for the plant as well as the mushroom id just leave it and do not eat it, there are only a few deadly/get sick shrooms but its not worth the chance.
  16. Those are ink caps don't eat them. Active mushrooms will bruise blue when stressed.

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