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  1. Im thinking about trying mushrooms here soon and i was wondering what everyones experiences with them were like. I was thinkin about taking them on a sunny day out in a big grass field or somewhere nice looking. Any info would be rad. smoke smoke smoke bahahaha
  2. Two words:

    Search button.
  3. yea bro. i have done them once in the wrong environment and it totally sucked, but i know that the right environtment will make it osmuch better. go sunny day grassy field.

    watch for cows.
  4. Ok shrooming with other people is a good idea. When I shroomed with other people I was getting some good visuals and was having a blast hitting some weed out of the bong at the same time. When I got home I thought I was coming down so I went to my room and thats when everything starting going bad. I was getting some freaky hallucinations that made more scared then ever before in my entire life. So umm yea. Just don't shroom alone and DO NOT BE IN THE DARK.
  5. From my experiences on shrooms, there isnt anything better than a nature walk in a forest. Although watching a crazy movie comes in at a close 2nd.

    *edit* By the way, thats for GROUP tripping, I dont think you would want to be walking alone in a dark forest by yourself when youre tripping...youd probably see some scary shit.
  6. ahhhh.. sunny day, green fields.... AHHH RAIN!!!! FUUUUUCK!!
  7. its best for me in the dark.... with only other ppl who are shroomin. listen to some music and just chill
  8. I really wanna try shrooms! Im 5'2 and about 100 pounds how much should i take to have a GOOD trip i mean seein shit and stuff? I have heard half an 1/8 but some people say that is too much and some say not enough. so i dont know.
  9. half eighth will do the trick
  10. I can't wait to get some shrooms. Soon I hope. My friend's dad (awsome guy) said he and this other guy watched this freaky spider film and they were on mushrooms and they thought lots of spiders were all over the room. Really creepy. Neway, just make sure u safe and have fun.

  11. I gotta agree, get a friend or two to go for a walk with you in the woods (on a trail - preferably where you wont come accross other people). Just don't go alone! It's not fun. Well, actually, it was a cool experience.... but there's some scrarry stuff out there when you're shroomin. Bears everywhere, packs of wolves, wherewovles, crazy orangatangs telling you to do things and tempting you with orange juice, worms, birds torturing you with their songs, and yourself (your own worst enemy)!!! Now you wouldn't want to walk into a forest filled with things like that, all focusing their attention on you, with no way out (trail or mental) would you??
    Bring a friend. Keep him stoned, but, maybe shrooming too.

    Or on a nice sunny day go into an open field (tall grass dude!), and lay down and relax, no worries (remember that one!), check out the clouds, trippy huh?

    ENJOY! and don't go alone...

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