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  1. What are shrooms? My friend has offered me some but i denied because i wasn't sure if they were really unhealthy or what... so what's the scoop? :smoking:
  2. I've tried to find negative information on shrooms, but I honestly could not find any. When I did shrooms I tried to find negative physical information about them but there was nothing, I couldn't find it, and I did look hard! Shrooms are great for seeing the universe in a different way, although the second time I did shrooms, which was my only really powerful trip, at the end of it I had a huge despair about the world and it continued for a few days, but now I'm good.
  3. Shrooms are, IMO, a much stronger trip than LSD. They can get pretty intense, especially if you eat a lot (like a quarter). If its your first time, don't eat more than an 8th. I'd recommend half that unless you have tripped a lot before on other things.

    Shrooms can make you pretty nauseous, but as far as I know they don't have any lasting harmful effects.
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    Shrooms are not something you take irresponsibly, honestly, its for your own psyche's safe being.

    Do reasearch or ask your friends, try not to read about bad trip reports until you've tripped a few times, because when you know the bad, I found it was easier to happen. Also, shrooms are a fantastic experience, stronger than LSD yes, but different in ways. I always hate tripping on shrooms when around people that weren't (And were sticking around).

    Theres no real physical downsides really, but when you have a bad trip you can convince yourself into believing things.

    Last time I tripped on shrooms it seemed really religious, I figured out that god didn't exist, and felt free and happy.
  5. + rep to the guy that mentioned

    OP, do some research on the above site - it taught me everything I needed to know before my first trip. There's a lot of reading, but trust me, it's worth it.

    You have to be in the right mindset and have the proper respect for shrooms before you do them, so it's a good thing you turned your friend down before you had some knowledge. Best of luck!
    mushroom effects at

    There are plenty of other sources for information on the negative effects. However the negative effects are few enough. They say there are no long term effects and there is no physcial damage. The most notable bad side effects would be nausea and vomiting as well as potential long-term psycological damage should you experience a "bad trip"
  7. Thanks for the help guys. That site seems like a good one. Umm the whole taking trips things is kinda freakin me out lol. it sounds like you totally black out and live in a fantasy land for an hour or something? haha idk thanks though
  8. if your in a good mind set you should be find. It you take them and had a crappy day or worry about something, it could lead to a bad trip.

    I love taking them out side.
  9. Shrooms are something you shouldn't do if you have no idea what they are.

    But read up a little bit. Shrooms are amazing and much more intense and life changing than weed
  10. I lol'd

    umm yeah mushrooms grow on the earth

    some contain Psilocybin, which will cause a psychedelic experience if you eat.

    I have tried, definitely very interesting.
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    You don't black out!!! XD

    That's more like a salvia thing-- but that's more because salvia is so short and so powerfull over that short time... It's almost like being shot off at 50x the speed of lite to find your self suddenly on Saturn's rings for around a minute. After that start to realize you are in fact just laying in your own kitty pool of sweat that was once your clothing. I love it...

    Back to shrooms, it's been a couple years but from what I remember it kinda sneaks up on you. Things start getting distorted, your seances are drastically increased, and some times a lil confused or blurred... I love them... Wish they were easier to find.
  12. You dont black out and live in a fantasy land, you live in real life. It's just experienced in a completely new way that at this point you cannot comprehend (since you have not taken any yet).

    Really there's not much description to help you..

    I suggest you read these to get an idea:

    They are people's experiences on mushrooms and you should get an idea about whats it like. Of course strength of trip is dependent upon dose
  13. wait, so what exactly is the trip like?
  14. How do you describe something that changes how think, feel, and proceave the inputs of from your senses?

    Just try about a 1/16. Depends on you body type... But that should give you an idea. My first time it felt sorta like a weed high to me, but ripped my buddy up, who ingested the other half of the eighth... He was stroking the freezer handle for like 5 minutes because of the way the texture felt. Couldn't get him to quit laughing. :hello:
  15. Just do it man...
    Seriously its the only way to explain it. And it tends to different every time, although you always get the same common effects

    Nice euphoria, visuals, a nice altered perception on everthing. Everything changes pretty much, just imagine that
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    I blacked out once well i guess fainted :confused_2: woke up on the ground feeling like crap tell you what tho I had some intense visuals but yea that was weird. But other wise mushrooms can be a wonderful experience! But please do your research, which I'm sure every one dose before they ingest something foreign into there body Right?

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