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Mushrooms tomorrow, blue stars Saturday?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Z12Z, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Hey all, i know this is in the wrong section but pandoras box wouldn't let me create a post. I was told by my friends that if I eat mushrooms tomorrow, I will not lose any strength in terms of the roll i have on saturday. Just wanted to make sure the two weren't correlated so I don't waste 2 rolls on saturday! Thanks all.
  2. Yeah you should be fine. There is no Psilocibin in Molly. So you should be fine.
  3. aight word man that's all I needed thanks a bunch
  4. Shouldnt matter really whats the worst that could happen? haha
  5. I wasn't worried about health issues I was worried I would have a tolerance because of serotonin, but beastsmack reminded me it's psilocybin, not blocking receptors.
  6. If it were acid then you would have a problem, as mushrooms and LSD have a cross tolerance. But mushooms and e do not.
  7. im eating booms from mass tmw to. boston area some bomb golden caps
  8. It won't change the ecstasy effect at all. You might feel a little trippier, I don't know the half life of shrooms off hand.
  9. Have fun rolling
    Blue Stars are my favorite.

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