Mushrooms In My 5 Gal Buckets

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by halfstoned, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. In a few of my buckets I have some mushrooms growing on top of the soil with my 1.5 ft tall plants. has anyone experienced this? and wat does it mean?
  2. Means you're soil is too wet IME.
  3. If you have mushrooms growing out of your soil, to me that means you have an active soil life with the right conditions to grow spores. I've had it happen with my plants during extra humid/rainy times. An active fungal colony is a good thing though, and usually accompanies an active micro colony. If you water less the mushrooms should go away. Over watering of course puts you at risk for root rot and mold. But the mushrooms themselves are nothing to worry about. Just a sign to back off the watering for a couple days like ninja mentioned.
  4. It has been proven that mycelium gives nutrition to plant life.
    So in any case the fungus will be beneficial to your MJ.
  5. Ive been getting little plants in my pots, i usualy just de-root them :)

    And i hope their Magic :smoke:
  6. The odds of them being 'magic' are pretty slim.
    But there is still a chance.
  7. I had the same problem in my 3 gallon pots I just let them dry out a bit and the spores died off.

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    Ok cool thanks for the replies every1. doubtful their magic but I got some in closet that are ;)
  9. You and I both.

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