Mushrooms growing on soil?

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  1. I have been growing other plants as well as cannabis and the one plant I have the most pride in us my avocado plant. a few days ago I noticed mushrooms popping up on the soil, I'd pick them off and throw them away then wash my hands, if I skip a watering of the plant or the soil gets too dry the mushrooms die, but new ones keep popping back up. any idea what it is? Is it toxic? Is it beneficial?[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. It is beneficial, a sign of living soil.

  3. Wouldn't eat em, but it's a sign of really good soil IMO.
  4. Keeps popping back up because you aren't getting rid of spores or the mycellium web. When you pick a mushroom you are literally just removing the fruit from the source. Like taking apples off an apple tree.

    but you don't really need to remove them, Mushrooms don't break down live plants...only dead things. Probably whatever is decaying in the soil (such as wood which is in a lot of soils)...this should lead to more nutrients being available to the plant.

    The ONLY thing is that you might be over-watering...because sometimes when you see mushrooms that is the reason, but not EVERY time. I assume you have drain holes? If you notice your plant isn't looking too good it's probably over-watering. Mushrooms should be helpful...Although does look a little funny when you have a bunch of em lol.
  5. Is it beneficial? ...Yes besides you can now claim your soil is fungi dominated soil

    unlike all the Riff Raff that users bacterium dominated soils

    keep cool

    keep doing it

    good luck

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