Mushrooms at the tool concert?

Discussion in 'General' started by Spaceman Spliff, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. I'm going to see tool on thursday and I'm either gonna do an eigth of shrooms at the concert (I have floor tickets...) or the day after, lounging by the pool at a friends house.
    Right now I'm thinking that the concert my be a little too disorienting and crazy for mushrooms and that I'll probably end up doing them the next day.

    Has anyone here ever done mushrooms at a rock concert?
    Or even if you haven't, what do yall recommend?
  2. i'm going swimming tommorow, its going to be fun but i don't have any smoke or anything, i had some today i should of just kept it but oh well thats gone. If i were you i'd do them by the pool.
  3. spaceman, have you done shrooms before? If not then its a definate no for the concert, your mind will melt and it doesnt sound like a fun place to trip out.

    If you've done them alot or you think you'll be able to handle them then go for it man. I personally would probably flip out watching a tool concert, but that might be the right music for you, so if you think you can handle it go for it. You could also try taking a smaller amount, like less than an 8th...I like to take just two grams and a couple tokes if I dont want a full blown shroom trip.
  4. yeah I've done mushrooms twice before. These are supposedly very high quality mushrooms so I'll probably end up taking just one gram, maybe even less (the guy who sold 'em recommended taking 2 for a good trip...) and smoking with it.

    Now I'm just hoping I can get the mushrooms before the show-
  5. I wouldn't trip face at a concert...I tripped this 4th of july...decided to go into town. Not really a good idea. For some reason the presence of all those people just fucked it up for me, and i never even really tripped that night. It's best to do in a secure environment, with just other people that are tripping
  6. I think I'd flip right out on mushrooms at TOOL!! Mate, your goin' for the tunes right? Well enjoy them, don't distort them!

    Tripping at a friends place by the pool sounds like the go. It's up to you of course. A nice stable environment will always ensure a good trip for ya.

    I took a trip for the Metallica Concert a few yrs back now. I was on the floor too, BUT I was off my fuckin' nut.
    'Give me Fuel give me Fire' BOOOOOM go the fire works, I just about lost my mind. It was fun, I had a great time, crowd surfing etc BUT I think I would of been better slightly drunk and pretty stoned. Might of remembered it better!

    I took a couple of lines of speed before the Primus concert, man did I go hard all what. I was up at the front bar, just loving it, every song was just THE BEST SHIT!! I've never been so pumped in all my life!!! It was better than tripping, BUT cause I can never sleep on that shit, I had a crap night at work the next day.

    I sound like a drugy BUT I'm not.....recreational use only!!
  7. I wanted to go to the tool concert myself , but the ticketts were gone in 30,min go figure . i love there music very much but the vidios creep me out !!! speaking from experience and being a tripper from wayyyyyyy back , if the concert is anything like the vidios i know i couldnt maintain , tripping indoors isnt very fun . i would rather be w/ my oldman & our dogs out in the country under the stars , our dogs always know when were trippin & do all sorts of funny things , they know whats up!!!! tripping in the day is also to weird . never had a bad trip yet !!!! please let us know how things went would love to hear the story!!!! good spirits to ya !!!!! patch
  8. I think the videos are beautiful. And I really wish I had some speed for the concert, then I'd do the shrooms afterward and just stay up all night on meth and shrooms.... anyway..
    Right now I'm not even sure if I'll be able to get the mushrooms. We'll see, so long as I have some weed I'll be happy.
  9. well I decided not to do the mushrooms at the concert, mostly because the girl I was with isn't too experienced and it wouldn't have been a good idea for her to do them there. I figured I'd just smoke some weed and be happy, but they took everyone's lighters at the door and had metal detectors. Which kinda sucked since I was gonna bring in a little metal pipe (which I ditched) and a lighter (which they took). It was still amazing.

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