Mushrooms And The Wall

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mr. Bunglesmith, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. So I've done mushrooms 6 times.

    1. 2 grams, chewed, didn't do that much.
    2. 1.5 grams,shroom juice, did more than I was expecting, but still not much.
    3. 3.5 grams, shroom juice, This was awsome.
    4. 5 shots of whiskey and 2 grams in shroom juice. Interesting, but I'm never doin that again.
    5. 3 grams, shroom juice. good time.
    6. 3.5 grams, shroom juice, a real fun night.

    So today I'ma try 'em for the 7th time. I have 4.3 grams I'm gonna make shroom juice with. About 45 minutes to an hour later, when It's starting to really kick in, I'm gonna watch Pink Floyd's The Wall. It was sooooo cool on DXM, and I can't wait to see it on mushies. :D

    Anyone else watch the wall trippin?
  2. yeah and i got freaked out
  3. the part where it looks like the flowers are fucking is a lil uncomfortable when your tripping
  4. yeaa man that movie freaks me out...all the war scenes and stuff. not my cup of tea while tripping but its an awesome film nonetheless.

    enjoy those shrooms!
  5. Ha. Yeah, it was pretty fuckin freaky. It made my whole trip really bad, and freaked me out. I got maaaad depressed too.
  6. i don't think i could handle the wall while on shrooms. Haha i watched "how high" for about a half hour the first time i ever shroomed... all i remember was method man and redmans faces kept looking like johhny depp's on the cliche poster of "fear and loathing in LV." omg it was sooo crazy, their heads would be big, and then bubble/narrow down as it approached their neck... it was sooo nuts. then i'd look at my friends and their faces would look compeltely normal. such a mindfuck haha
  7. Nope, but when I get shrooms, it's what i'll do.
  8. The Wall was crazy for me on acid and shrooms. Trippy as hell and worth trying
  9. i saw the wall on acid...never on shrooms but i love me some shrooms
  10. I watched that movie "The Science of Sleep" during a psilocybin trip.....Shit wigged me out.
  11. my friend was playing that fucking movie when I was at his house on 5 hits of ok cid (I've tripped harder of 3 a few times before, but those ones were real good and those 5 weren't that great)
    but it was still pretty fucking when he makes the clouds fly on the ceiling when he hits the right chord....
  12. Any song off the wall and the dvd give me horrible vibes that I dont like when I'm even smoking.

    dont get me wrong, I love the album and the visuals, just gives me really bad vibes when I'm smoking..
  13. I just tripped on shrooms this weekend and we watched "The Yellow Submarine".... thats one crazy ass movie... also recommend "Apocalypse Now" and the new Speed Racer movie... good visuals for a shroom trip
  14. You should watch the movie IT by Stephen King...
    that freaked me the fuck out on shrooms.....

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