Mushroom Tolerance?

Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Not positive if this is the right forum to post in, but I'm curious about mushroom tolerance. This past weekend was my birthday, and to celebrate, me and a few friends picked up a half ounce of mushrooms. On Friday night, I ate about 2 grams of caps, and tripped pretty nicely. On Saturday, I finished off what I had left (about 2.5 grams), but hardly felt a thing. I felt a little body buzz, but had no visuals what so ever. I was, however, wide awake like I normally would have been if I was tripping. Any idea why this happend? Do you need to take time off between tripping to feel the effects? Thanks alot.
  2. yes infact you do need to take some time off before indulging in another shroom expirience. psilocibin tolerance can get very high even after just one tripp, you should wait atleast 2-3 weeks before tripping again. it kinda sucks but thats also a way to avoid any long term effects.
  3. yeah man i used to live on a shroom feild....

    and if you do them close together you have to do at least twice the dose...useualy
  4. anyways i heard its not very good to do shrooms more than twice in like a month
  5. i still gotta try some
  6. you have to literally double the dosage you take to feel anything. my best trips have been months apart, about 3 to 3.5 grams at a time.
  7. Shrooms are best when you space em out. I remember one time I ate 3 grams on a friday night and it was great, then did 3 again on saturay night, and I barely felt anything...
    Now shrooms are more of a once in awhile thing...last time I did em I ate a 1/4 and it was great. I plan on doing a 1/4 next time I do em as well, proabably during winter break.
  8. When i done shrooms i took them one saturday, then again on the next wednesday, i still felt them alright but not as good as the saturday, so i never took them for another few weeks and took them going to a concert, loved it :)

    The key is to only do them once in a while, like every few weeks would be fine, not every weekend.

    Whenever you do your shrooms treasure it, it's quite special the first time, i loved it :)

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