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  1. I know this might be difficult, which is why I will only be eating 2 grams. I am planning on eating the mushrooms and going to a peaceful area and reading a "philosophical" book.

    Setting: It is actually at my grandmas house, as she will be gone. In her backyard she has this peaceful nature area with some lounging chairs. It has a lot of vegetation and a nice waterfall thing. It is very tranquil.

    Time: I was thinking of starting this late morining, heading into early evening.

    Book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

    I will be completely alone as this is in a rural area. I am not sure when exactly I will do it most likely next month sometime as she is out of town a lot.

    Discuss? :D
  2. sounds good but i think it's gonna be hard. you're mind will be racing and you will probably forget about the book within a minute or two lol. if you can do it though, more power to you. good luck!
  3. If you're looking for a good mindfuck trip, I would suggest reading that book (good idea btw) and watching a crazy ass plot twisting movie that can be hella analyzed (the matrix was NUTS).
  4. i have tried watching movies on shrooms and it really doesnt work for me. I can't concentrate, unless im coming down. As for books i have read parts of the Bible while shrooming and it was very interesting. I will try, nonetheless, and if i have too hard of a time reading it at least i can go for a nice nature walk! :D
  5. always a good idea
  6. fer shure, once i walked for about 4 hours on boomers, didn't know where i was going and didn't care. I was just happy to be alive and happy that the world around me was alive. :hello:
  7. bump.. comments on this anyone? anyone ever tried this?
  8. I usually cannot read while tripping. Can't focus on the words, or they'll move, it never goes well.
  9. same but on lower doses it is alot easier.
  10. On a lower dose you'll have no problem at all reading.. Higher doses I can see you having problems with focusing your eyes right, and not drifting off into random thoughts, making it difficult to read.. I've noticed that when I have tried to read things online for example on higher doses of shrooms, I can't remember what the last damn sentence I read was lol
  11. i cant see myself reading while tripping, i get more into music. but id like to go to a secluded place in nature, alone, with no music or anything. thatd be cool.
  12. I've tried reading text off the internet from some cyanescens...and couldn't. The words would sway back and forth, almost pulsate, it was intense.

    Then again, those are some very potent mushrooms.
  13. obviously uve never done mushrooms
  14. lol it isn't hard to read at a lower dose... at low doses you don't even trip that hard it just puts you in a shroom-type mindset. half an eighth would be easy to read. :rolleyes:

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