Mushroom question and story.

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  1. Alright, well earlier today I was helping my brother fix a stereo on my car. He is currently enlisted in the Marine Corp. and is here on his 2 week break. Sometime in October, he is leaving and going to Afghanistan. While we were in the garage, I saw a butane lighter and started playing with it. My dad walks next to me, gives me a dirty look, and looks for tools. My brother tells me "Where'd you find that? I lost that a long time ago *cough whisper* back in my stoner days *cough whisper*. I look at him, I had known he smoked before but I didn't think he would tell me. My dad walks away and I tell him "Haha, it's mine now. I lost mine when mom and dad found shit in my room" and he just looks at me.

    Fast forward to 30 minutes ago. He calls me into his room as I'm about to take a shower. He tells me to close the door and we start talking.
    Him:"I didn't know you smoked weed you pothead."
    Me:"I didn't think you would know."
    Him:"So what else have you done?"
    Me:"I've only done weed and a pill or two, but I'm trying to do Shrooms by the end of the month. How bout you?"
    Him:"I've done weed, x, and a pill." He continues with stories about the X.
    Me:"Haha, that's cool. I been trying to get my hands on some x and shrooms."
    Him:"I heard shrooms are trippy, they make you see crazy shit. I've always wanted to do them but never got the chance."

    Now an idea pops into my head. I've been trying to think of a present to give him before he leaves to Afghanistan and I thought "why not shrooms?"

    So my question is: Do any of you know if mushrooms show up on drug tests, how long, and whether the Marines have special intense tests for this shit?

    +rep to everyone who is helpful in this matter.
  2. Yeah, man, give him some shrooms....the war will make alot of sense to him after that.
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  4. shrooms dont show up on drug tests, they metabolize out of your body way to quickly to have an accurate reading, since your body produces psylocebin naturally, but not enough to trip.

    and honestly, if hes scared or has any doubt about himself or the war, shrooms are the worst idea. having a good shroom trip depends on the users state of mind, and how they will react to the high. if hes in any state of mind where he has anxiety, its not for him.
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  6. Don't give him shrooms before he goes to war. His mind needs to be completely clear. Ive been there and if I would have done shrooms before I went then I honestly think that I would be dead. Take it from the Marine Corps veteran, its a bad idea.
  7. He isn't going to war right away, he still has about 3 weeks to a month before he leaves. Me and him have never been really close, but I want to have at least one great memory that we can remember eachother by.
  8. its a good idea, i have to say. i wish you the best of luck man.
  9. No. Get him acid or DMT instead!

    .. yeah I wouldnt want to do any psychedelic if I knew I was about to go to war and risk my life...

    but that's just me!
  10. shrooms don't show up unless that is what they are look'in for . they have to test for certain stuff, pot test for pot, need benzo test for benzo , opiate for opiate. Blablabla. and they don't normally test for that. Most test kits they get test for the most used drugs.

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