mushroom picking-fall 09 thread.

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  1. so, this is the thread to post questions, pics of what you've been finding, etc for this fall season. This thread is for both edibles and psylocibin containing mushrooms.

    so a couple days ago I found one of the biggest patches of golden chanterelles at about 3500 feet elevation in the cascades and about 3 miles in by trail. ...pretty sure I've found the jackpot that's unknown in the portland mushroom picking community. muahahah. I'm hoping to find a shit ton more after the next rain. I'm going back in a couple days because the ones I picked were a bit small and there were a crapload of other really small ones just popping up. I'll be back probably day after tomorrow. I just hope we get some more rain, so they don't just dry out.

    also saw a patch of white chantys, but left em' because I was unsure if they really were. ....they were, though.

    also found a bolete under some birches by my mom's office. I sauteed that thing up with some butter, tarragon, majoram, garlic powder, and coriander. DAMB TASTY!!!! the main crop should come up after the next rain....I'll be back.

    I'll post some pics when I get my camera back from my friend.
  2. I've found a lot of chanterelles this year, mostly all common. Found some wooly chanterelles and winter chanterelles are coming soon.

    Found lots of ceps, hedgehogs mushrooms and bolets of all kinds.

    Have you ever dried em up and put them in a spaghetti sauce? Dried and powderized shrooms are my secret ingredient in many a good earthy dish.

    Ever try hunter steak? We have many natives in these parts of Canada and I am close friends with many. I get a lot of moose steaks and fry up onions, bacon (in 1/4" strips called lardons) with chanterelles and use that as a topper on the steak. I call this hunter steak, but regular beef would be just about as good.

    As for magic mushrooms, I'm not sure where to find em and I've never even tried to be honest. Any pickers know where to find these little guys in Eastern Canada or in the Boreal or mixed forests?

  3. I was looking for magic mushrooms in the woods near my home, but apparently there's only two kinds in my state and none look like the pictures the internet showed me. It's a bummer, I went out thinking I could find some for FREE lol. Is there a better way to look for them, do they grow on specific or in specific spots? There's a state park near my house that's really big, wonder if there's any there.
  4. Look in a cattle farmer or livestock farmer's pasture a day or 2 after a decent rain. You're welcome, hehe.
  5. I went walking in the woods with my girlfriend earlier today to find a myriad of different types of mushrooms. However, I don't know what kind any of them are. Does anyone know of a good site or something from which I might get a general understanding of what kinds I have around here? I also found a strange type of fungi/flower that I've never seen before. If it's still there tomorrow I'll post some pictures up.
  6. do a search for psylocibin (spelled like that)
  7. just type in your region and "mushroom" into the search engine, and you should find something.
  8. well it's been over a month since I said i'd post pics.

    here's the golden chanties I picked last sept. we ended up getting about two bags full. this pic was taken before we found the motherload patch. we may hitt up the same spot tomorrow. although, I've heard they're only around in early season, and some other expert told me they go strong into november. well, we'll see what we find tomorrow. pretty sure these are cascedensis. if they aren't, they're the other species of "golden chanterrelle.

  9. i got this chicken recently

  10. That last picture (Which I saw in your other thread) is amazing. It is cool.
    I have never done shrooms, but have heard good and bad.
  11. Ive never seen shrooms like that, if you were to eat those ones in particular would you trip? Do they have the psylocibin in them or are they just normal edibles?
  12. they are called chicken of wooods,,, there jus plain edible mushrooms,,,wash em off saute in butter or olive oil,,,taste like chicken,even have the same texture

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