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  1. Hey there everyone. So I was out walking around today and happened to spot some wild mushrooms growing. The habitat was moist, with plenty of shade and decomposing wood. The cap was of a tan to brown color witha pretty mellow slope downwards. Stem was white and very thin, and when plucked, got very watery. I'm not too concerned with them being "magic" but since this is the first time I've really payed attention to the wild mushrooms outside, I decided I'd try my hand at identification. BUT, I would like the input from some experienced mushroom people... I'm very sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I figured you guys would have some knowledge on this sort of stuff. I will go into more detail and post pictures if anyone is willing to take a stab at it.

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. thanks lebowski. I have been searching all around there and gathering plenty of info about various types in my area, and I narrowed it down to this type - Conocybe cyanopus. I'm still trying to get as much info as possible, but nothing seems to match exactly what I have. does anyone else have any other information? thanks!!
  3. Hello again everyone. I took some pictures and would be glad to post them if anyone is interested... I figured I'd pursue the knowledge base here before going on to make a a whole account etc etc on the shroomery community. Anyway, what is the best way to host the photos? Is this GC hosting pretty good, or should I move onto a photobucket type site?
  4. Id go with photobucket, thats what I use anyway.
    When you have your images hosted, copy the image adress and paste it between [​IMG].
  5. excellent.. thanks again Lebowski :) - i got my pics successfully uploaded...


    I've been looking around the web reading various reports about this and that... but no pictures or descriptions tend to match EXACTLY what these are... except for the dreaded Galernia (sp?). One of the varieties of Galernia looks VERY similar to this, however these mushrooms I found were not in large groups. They were found usually a bit apart from one another, with the most being 2 or 3 in a group... Enough of my babble, thanks again for helping me out!
  6. This is erowid's description of conocybe cyanopus:

    CAP : Conic to umbonate, brownish yellow to tan buff
    GILLS : Creamy yellow becoming cinnamon rust
    STEM : Watery white and base is blue and bulbous
    HABITAT : On sphagum moss in moist places
    SEASON : April through September
    DOSAGE : 150 small shrooms, ½ oz. wet, ¾ gram dry
    COMMENT: Normally found in sphagum moss. This shroom was found in bark mulch. Similar to Conocybe smithii.

    Brown caps match, the gills are pretty much exactly cinnamon rust color, you mentioned they were watery when picked, humid environment matches, in-season, and you mentioned decomposing wood, which i beleive is similar to mulch.

    I think you have a match, but still be wary, if you have any doubts at all, I would recommend you trash em, or find a good shroom book.
    If they are good, very nice find :)
  7. ive read before that only 1 out 100 mushrooms will be "magical" because they need specific sterility(sp?) correct me if im wrong. but id say just go buy some shrooms from your dealer
  8. To Lebowski - +rep man!! Thanks so much for the great info and taking a stab at matching the characteristics... The more i read about this variety the more they seem like "the ones". And since they weren't in a clump like Galernia, *and* the stems seem to be much smaller... Still, it only takes one to........

    To Dealer - yeah, its kind of a bummer whenever i think about how much the odds are against me in this one. I figured this might be a cheap way to get out and experience a nice interaction with nature though :).

    another question though: where does bruising occur and what will it look like? I keep reading about checking for a "blue bruise" etc etc. Now i've pressed hard on a sample of this stuff between two kleenex, comically looking for the blue to just ooze right out of it :D, but I guess I am just a bit confused about how to bruise it. I know this is a lot for an herb community, and sorry to keep dishing off all these questions onto you guys, but I feel a bit more comfortable here rather than jumping into unknown waters on the shroomery.

    Thanks again guys!

  9. Thank you for the rep. As for blue stains, I've seen them on californian psilocybin stems, but ive had the same mushrooms without the blue, I think they're a natural occurance which happens or not based on the environment they grew in, but im not at all sure, this is just speculation.
  10. i am a fan of the old mushies
    but scince they have been baned in ireland i cant get them
    they look good for eating worth a try
    you wont die if they are bad just get sick
    check for blue bruising
  11. i kno u dont really want to but i really advise u to go to and post ur pics and all the information on where ur from.. how many in clusters.. ect ect on there.. caue were the pot experts and there the shroom experts ;D
  12. :D lol I've been thinking the same thing... but you guys have offered a wealth of knowledge and inspired me to further pursue identifying these mushrooms. Who knows, maybe there's a patch of magics growing within walking distance :).

    Thanks again guys!
  13. Because of this thread I went to the shroomery and read all the cultivation guides, I think im gonna try to cultivate some p. cubensis over the summer. Does anyone know how hard it is to get spores online? I know I should ask this in the shroomery but im too lazy to make an account :s
  14. i hear its just like getting weed seeds, but you are buying a "grow box" and if caught like seeds it will be conviscated. i have not personally tried but am interested in growing my own as well

  15. The amount of tutorials and information on, not even including the forum is overwhelming. :hello:

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