Mushroom Hunting (Not Psychedelic ones)

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  1. Anyone ever go searching for edible mushrooms? Morels are in season up here and I went yesterday to look for some. Even though it had snowed the day before, we had enough precipitation previously to bring out a few. Here's some pictures.

    Discuss/share pictures/stories of any edible mushroom finds!
    And remember folks, always make sure you know what you're eating!

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  2. I'm not far from michigan myself and we get morels around here. The was my first year looking for them, but no luck:mad:
  3. This year hasn't been a very good year so far, the weather was warm but there wasn't any precipitation to bring them out, and when we finally got precipitation it got really cold again. As you can see from my pic nearly all the ones I found were whites, which is what everyone else has been finding around here. There are barely any blacks out yet. I'm still hopeful though, there's another week and a half or so left and if the weather warms up, there should be good pickins.
  4. I've always wanted to go mushroom hunting, but I don't trust my identification skills enough. I would love to just go foraging in general. I'm an avid hiker, and I know I come across so many plants and such that are edible. I'd love to be walking the trails and be able to identify a lot more of it
  5. I went to the same spots I found the ones in the first picture and only found 7 or 8...put them in a risotto tonight and ate it. I think the season's over:(
  6. I used to go mushroom hunting with my grandma all the time when I was a kid. Do you guys have puffballs over there?
  7. ditto

    guess i need to buy an android phone, and use google goggles.
  8. dude, I need to get this right. is that thing googling a picture?
  9. yeah, pretty much.
  10. Yeah I think so, but I don't eat them. There are also "beefsteaks" and "caps" out right now that I don't find too pleasant to eat either.
  11. I'm not a big mushroom fan in general, but in the late summer the puffballs dry out and we would go back to them and step on them or squeeze them or what not and puffs of spores come out. it's great entertainment for a 7 year old. or 17 year old. or 27 year old... you get my drift.
  12. Haha, that's exactly what I do!
  13. My family has a summer house up in quebec in the middle of nowhere...basically theres nothing there except forests and lakes. There's a little russian community in the summer on this lake, and mushroom hunting is a bit of a russian pasttime, so I grew up mushroom picking every summer regularly. My family picks buckets full of a few types of mushrooms (mostly chanterelles, these go for like $14-20/lb in stores), dries them, freezes them, and uses them throughout the year. Its fucking sweet. I havent done it since i was in high school before i started smoking, but I'd love to blaze and try it out again eventually.

    Also, I am 98% sure i have seen TONS of psychedelic shrooms there while picking the others, so whenever I go back Im gonna have to make a little shroom-finding field guide.

  14. morels are way easy to identify. there's a "false morel" but if you just went out with pictures of both morels and false morels you'd probably be fine. also, I'm sure there's some bio teacher in your area that knows their shit that you could go to once you were 99.9% sure that they are morels.

    anyway, I should be out in oregon's blue mountains tripping on acid, camping, fly-ishing, and hunting for morels in the middle of june. should be a damb good time. I've only picked edibles in the fall, and I've only taken smallish/moderate amounts of acid at a time, so I'm really looking forward to it. they're at really low elevations in eastern or right now, so by the time I go, they should be up in the lodgepoles and larches.

    but yeah, I've only gotten mushrooms in the fall. I've picked two different species of golden chanterelles, and a leccinum(bolete, spongy undersides on the caps) that grow under birches. the more brownish capped ones, not the more orangish ones that grow more commonly under aspens in eastern oregon.

    I'm also pretty sure I've identified white chanterelles. I wasn't sure what they were, so I just left em.
  15. I've heard chanterelle mushrooms fetch a pretty penny and are pretty easily identifiable.
    I've been keeping an eye out for them when on hikes and such, but no luck yet. ;)
  16. wenahaone you find morels in Oregon in June? The latest we usually find them in the Midwest is late May if it's a good season.
  17. yeah, I'm hoping to find them in mid june around 4-5 thousand feet. they're at about 2,000 feet right now

    I was pretty high last night, but I think I recall my friend saying that you can find them in in places like the eagle cap wilderness in July at about 6,000 feet up.
  18. That's awesome, I'd love to scale some mountains in search of them, I wish you the best of luck doing so.
  19. So, I never got any Morels last spring, but I'll revive this thread with some pics of some lobsters and golden chanterelles I picked last fall.

  20. Fuck ya dude that one of things i miss most about livin up in Indiana.... Roll those things in some flour and fry em up and DAMMMMMMMMM

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