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Mushroom Hunting in Humboldt

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xyz123, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. whats up everyone. i was just wondering if anyone has had any luck finding magic mushrooms in humboldt county? i was thinking of going to the sand spit and looking for some cyans. yes i am aware of the shroomery
  2. look for cow farms and such, or a rodeo, i heard bulls can poo out magic mushrooms. My friend picked some from some bull shit one time. LOL
  3. For cyans, look in open feilds with tall grass, and moist conditions.

    Good luck!
  4. LMAO didn't Pot City, U.S.A. do a story in Humboldt County about grow houses? It was too many bowls ago for me to remember exactly but there was some old guy who kept telling everyone he had came to Humboldt to die and now he couldnt afford to because the grow houses had costed him so much money. He kept singing a song "...in Humboldt County..."
  5. yea, pot city, usa was about humboldt. but if you've ever actually been to arcata, you can understand why it's such an amazing, perfect place. i miss it so much.

    good luck dude!
    post pics if you find anything magical. :D
  6. hmm i havnt heard aboutwhat your talking about but i think im going tomorrow. that or stellhead and salmon fishing:hello: but im pretty confident that i will find some good boomers. i live in arcata and ilove it here. such and amazing place with the greatest atmospere and people:D
  7. Wow, I had just watched that a week or so ago and now I'm actually talking to people whom live in the county. Thats kinda cool, oh and BTW, I wasn't trying to come off as if I were making fun of Arcata/Humboldt, from what I saw it is a very beautiful community and I would like to live there. It can't be worse than where I live. On the mountain in Alabama, pretty much in a mix between trailer trash and the ghetto. The people are mean, nasty and rude. Maybe one day I'll stop by the small little town of Arcata. It seems rather humble.

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