Mushroom Hunting in BC, Canada

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by K.Pirate, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. anybody a British Columbian? do u know if its time to start hunting yet? if so where will i most likely find some good fungus?
  2. cow fields, a couple days after it rains, maybe a humid or warm day too.
  3. usually find em on farms and uhh yea by cow fields, like the poster above me said
  4. idk how well they'll grow in the winter though, so stock up if u can.
  5. I'd wait till it starts to rain a little bit more. It has still be relatively dry, here atleast.
  6. it rained a few days ago here, so im goin tomorrow to get my stuff, should be nice and grown by then.

    gotta fork out $50 to the landowner though

    totally worth it btw
  7. wood chip piles, mossy areas, and cow poop.
  8. you want to go looking around rhododendron bushes when the temps get to 60 or below. thats where the wavy caps and azurescens will grow, those are the best.

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