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Discussion in 'General' started by FearAndLoathing, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. Ok, me and my friend are growing some magic mushrooms and its about a week until we start the flowering phase. The kit we bought came with this spray bottle that you fill up with water, and it makes it into a fine mist. It says to spray that every day. The question is, what would be better, the spray bottle or a humidifier? My guess is a humidifier, but I dont wanna go and spend 40 bucks if its not gonna make that big of a difference.

    So, should I get the humidifier? And anyone that's ever grown mushrooms has some pointers, Id appreciate it.
  2. A humidifier is better, no doubt about it... If you still use the spraybottle > will still work > but make it as misty as possible. Don't spray directly on top of your kit. The water has to be in the air, that's enough. Water directly on top, big drops, are very bad for the mycelium which is coming trough the casing layer...

    just this kit > go for the spray bottle
    planning in the future for more > go for the humidifier, can use it again and again and again....

    Good luck..!
  3. there I am again...
    I don't know where you bought that kit. But a lot of websites forget to mention at their kits that fresh air is major important.
    place it in a bucket and place foil on top. Leave a few cm2 open. When the first pinheads (shrooms at their smallst) show up > give it a little bit more fresh air, so open the foil on top a little bit more.
    Lots of complaints are about shrooms staying little > almost every time the reason that they don't have enough fresh air... unbelievable that a lot of suppliers do not give the right instructions about this matter.

    3 important things:
    - fresh air (do it!)
    - humidity (+/- 90 %)
    - temperature (22-25 C is best)

    Damn... you just triggered me to start again with my own exploration of the cultivation of shrooms. Tnx...!
  4. All good spore syringe suppliers I know are based in Europe. The ones I know don't sent their syringes outside the European Union. The spores are probably legal in most countries outside the EU, but the syringes themselves make them paranoia at the customs... So if you're living in Canada I suggest that you learn to make syringes yourself. Ain't difficult, but you have to work clean... (real clean)
  5. Ralphster's is an excellent, reliable spore source. I know they ship within the United States, but in Canada, I do not know. The best way to humidify is with a humidifier, but the cheapest way is probably with perlite. Keep the kit in a closed container and put about 3/4" to 1" of perlite, and put about a half inch of water mixed with it (make sure the water level is not above the perlite, and the top perlite layer is dry) and over time it will throw water droplets into the air.

    Make sure you fan out the chamber with a piece of cardboard, etc., to get the heavier carbon dioxide from settling at the bottom of the chamber. Do this two times a day if possible.
  6. I didnt even have to buy a spore syringe. The local headshop sells magic mushroom kits. $150 each, includes spores, case, the dirt crap, fine mist spray bottle, all you need to grow it conveniently in 1 large box. Instructions are also included.

    Sounds good, the temperature its in is around 23 degrees or so, and we will be getting a little fan for it to keep good air circulation. So you have to make sure you dont get any water on the actual mushrooms? Just in the air eh? Good to know, Ill keep that in mind.

    Its goin good so far, gonna start the flowering stage in about 4 days.

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