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  1. Has any one head it or used it. I picked up some compost an read the ingredients an that stuck out to me. Any info Wouk be nice. Not sure If u should by more of it or get a different kind. It has horses chicken an bat shit in it as well
  2. do you know what brand name it is?


  3. Not all mushroom compost is good, I would go with the horse, chicken, bat shit product......MIW
  4. It is greensmix mushroom compost.
    Derived from mushroom compost horse chicken cow bat manure straw forest products an compost plant material.
    That is what the ingredients say
  5. they sell it at Wal-Mart........i would be weary of any soil sold from wally world, especially a product that contains compost. most likely the ingredients used to build the product were extremely poor.

  6. Yea I saw it there but I got it from
    My grow shop In town. guy there said it was good stuff an gave me a bag to try. I just wasn't sure if I should get more of it or more or a different kind
  7. I would be weary of any mushroom compost from a bag. Some mushroom farms use chemical sterilants and others use steam.It's best sourced at farm supply stores where you can get it in bulk while it's still cooking. If I were you, I'd inquire where it is sourced from and whether it's an organic mushroom farm before using. Most of the bagged SMS(mushroom compost) I've seen has the consistency of mud.
  8. Thanks man that is what i was trying to figure out. Its a small bag I might just use it when I do my first transplant in a few pots an see.
  9. Besides that being a crapy brand. If u find a mushroom compost that is good would it be beneficial. I have used different compost before an mushroom is new to me.
  10. if you buy from a mushroom farm , it can be insanely cheap. last load i bought 15 dollars for about 3000lbs. just checkon how the farm manufactures their substrate. killer in the veggy garden.

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