Discussion in 'General' started by potsmokaupnorth, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. OH Man I can't wait I am getting a bag of shrooms!! I think it'll b a 5 bag (5 Grams) or 6. Me and a friend r goin splitz on em. How much should we do each? Weed with em? Let me know b4 saturday night
  2. Watch the weed smoking, it's more for fun than effect(it doesn't really add to your fuckedupness) and you tend to smoke way more than intended out of boredom. You two should split the 5 grams and you will be tripping balls. Have fun and stay safe.
  3. Sounds good i think i can acctuly get a 6 bag or 60 bag (depends where you are from or what you say w/e) but i might be able to get it for 45. (Good deals around here)
  4. Yeah, split the bag up, each eat about 3 grams or whatever. And I'd say smoke up, if ya can. Helps to ease ya a bit. Nice to be blazed while waiting for the effects, too. You ever tripped before? Such a great experience man, enjoy. :D
  5. zooms are the best.... THEEE BEST!!!!... save the joints for the last bit of the high... while your commin down.. or ypu'll be like.... MAN I NEED A JOINT
  6. 40 dollars for a quarter of good shrooms here
  7. Hahahah you douche masters :) Im getting 10.5 grams for 60 my friend is a savage :)
  8. Tomorrow we're getting an O of the fungus for $220. Oh man, that's a good weekend.
  9. Personally, I dont like tokin when Im on shrooms. Waste of weed I see it as since it does nothing for me. 3 grams should be a good trip, have fun.
  10. the only thing i can get up here is shroombars....but i dont ever wanna try them because they could just give me an eighth of chocolate yknow? fuck that.
  11. It really depends on the variety.... If it is Psilocybe Cubensis then I suppose you could take 3 dry g's each which is a level 3 trip, very very decent for your first time...

    Tell us how it was man...
  12. ya i think i waste weed when i smoke while trippin cuz i always take rediculous big rips and i dont remember if it ever really did anything more
  13. The most ive ever payed for an ounce of shrooms was 100$....


    pricewars aside, split the bag, smoke a joint, chill, save any weed for if you start feeling bad or wierded out at all, just smoke a joint, very comforting and soothing.

    goodluck my man!

    have fun!
  14. Yea thx for all the responses it's gunna b so tripped, fuck i cant wait T -Minus 6 hours and counting. I think we'll get a gram for coming down or up i dunno anyone ever get nausious like throw up kinda feely? I'm going over to my friends house to play guitar later then after supper we'll pop em. I got the deal all set up with a guy i can trust so i know he won't give me like store bought shit dried out. But it's gunna b bomb. What about looks ive heard your eyes can get kind of purple below. Acctuly i've seen it. This will be my first trip on shrooms it should be fun! So i might post another when im trippin but if not i'll tell everybody about it later, if i remember.
  15. Well we ended up not getting them but it was bomb anyways, my guy was stuck with no ride so i called up another buddy of mine who hooked us up with 5gs for 40. It was fat as fuck so went over 2 my friends house rolled up and blazed in his living room with his little sister and brother there it was a trip we smoked 4 joints of the shit we got and another4 of the shit some other ppl had because we matched with them so in total 8 joints, i was pretty fucked. Then we slid out way back to his house(because the roads were covered in ice). Crazy fun.
  16. Ah, too bad you didnt get them...sounds like you had a good night anyways though.

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