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Muscle Twitching? Websites?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Butterfly3, May 27, 2019.

  1. I don't know which category to put this in. I'm new, so I figured here, until I figure it out.

    I've been experiencing muscle twitching (maybe there is another term for it?) lately when I smoke (at times, not always, thank goodness). So, I googled it to see what it said. I only have looked up one website, I found a website that was talking about what I was experiencing. For some reason and I don't know if it's a good reliable website. I've noticed whatever you're into and you try to google things(perfect example would be googling issues you should talk to your doctor about instead. They're always telling people not to google it, because it might not be "for you"). But this seems like it has some backup to it with sources. Which I like!

    Anyways, have you ever noticed yourself twitching while smoking? I only get it in my one wrist and neck. I would say that those are the most stressful points in my body at the moment. From reading the website above, I guess because they loosen up the muscles to relax(?).

    PLUS, this would be very bad for people that are on medical MJ if they have issues with this already (strokes, epilepsy, etc). Maybe the places that are legal, have different strains that doesn't do that or not too much(?)

    When I started smoking, with the regular Indy MJ, I would never get that, unless I smoked too much. I would white out/black out(I don't know which one). But now with the Kush, it seems like I only do it when I'm alone, which is odd to me. When I smoke with friends, I don't do that.

    Any ideas?

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