Muscle relaxants?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Toke'mon, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Hey GC, I live in the UK and was wondering if anyone knew where to get muscle relaxants or whatever? I've heard about 'em and that some pharmacies sell 'em (Don't wanna have to get pescriptions ones)
    Yeh basically just wanna try 'em to see how well they work and to obviously relax.
    Also, nobody say 'just smoke weed':p
  2. Think its "poppers" you are talkin bout .. You will get them in a sex shop.. yes a sex shop.. they are used by gay guys cause they relax the mussels in ure ass..

    They come in a little bottle and you sniff them.. Do not drink..
    You get a nice little buzz but doesnt last long..
  3. Yeh i've had poppers before, it's an intense head rush followed by a headache:(
    I've just heard about pills, natural rememdies etc that say athletes would use
  4. ah...
    Heard of something called kava kava, friend used to get it in health shop..
    Very stressed dude and he used to swear they took the edge off the day..
    Never tried it myself..
    Maybe go into one of the health shops n ask them...
  5. if we are talking about the same kava, it is normally made into a drink. and yess after drinking a few shells of kava i feel really relaxed/sedated. it does have a very calming effect

  6. I've tried Kava once.. It wasn't anything euphoric but it does relax you. Didn't enjoy it much as I'm used to the benzos+weed type sedation :smoking:

  7. cant go wrong with a few bars to make you feel right. also if your looking into the muscle relaxation dept, i suggest somas. on of my favorite pharms, they make you feel so nice so fast.

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